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i just got accepted into lpn school (yay) but, on my interview the nursing director said you can only miss 2 clinicals , any more & your kicked out of the program even if your a straight " a "... Read More

  1. by   NurseDixie
    We're allowed to miss 2 clinicals, but we have to make them up. Sometimes 2nd year students get to do a virtual clinical program on the computer to make up a missed clinical. We also have to make up any missed rotations.
  2. by   dingofred
    Originally posted by Shamrock
    My clinical rotation was very strict too. I believe they are trying to teach a lesson here. Hmmmm, wonder what it could be?
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  3. by   javamom
    We can miss one and have ONLY one make up day. Just b/c you missed the clinical doesn't mean you "get out of it". So our limit was one and then more than that, we repeat the semester.
  4. by   Furball
    I can't remember what the rules were, exactly, at my school but I do remember going to clinicals half dead, ill, and when my dad was in the hospital ,so it must have been strict...
  5. by   susanmary
    Originally posted by DGfuturenurse
    We're allowed to miss 2 clinicals, but we have to make them up. Sometimes 2nd year students get to do a virtual clinical program on the computer to make up a missed clinical. We also have to make up any missed rotations.
    For most nursing programs, the actual hours spent with patients is insufficient. Virtual clinical programs, observing clinics, etc. -- won't help you much in the long run. Nursing students need to get as much hand's on experience as possible. This is when you begin to learn to prioritize, multi-task, delegate, and start to apply all the theory that your've studied. I think it's important to have to make up clinicals. I missed one clinical & the research paper I had to write took far more than the 8 hours of missed clinical.
  6. by   Rena RN 2003
    i'm not even sure how many we are allowed to miss before we don't pass the clinical. BUT a friend of mine missed one 6 hour clinical and the 40 page case study paper that she had to write took 2 weeks. needless to say that made a statement with the rest of us. we don't miss clinical even if we are deathly ill. we show up anyway and then the instructor has the ability to send us home. usually the make up work is way less that way.
  7. by   NurseShell
    Here's what my "Nursing Student Handbook" says:

    "1. IF the student is able to meet the clinical objective, one clinical absence (hospital or campus laboratory) PER SEMESTER (not per course) is allowed without requiring makeup or incurring a penalty.
    2. Any absence beyond one will be evaluated by the instructor and/or the teaching team. The decision to grant makeup will be based on the student's ability/opportunity to meet the objectives of the course. Makeup in excess of one is unlikely to be granted.
    3. Excessive (translation more than one per semester) absences may result in the student not meeting the clinical objectives of the course which in turn constitutes failure of the nursing course. The student is then subject to the re-entry policy."

    on #1 the word is "IF" as in if they don't feel you are "meeting clinical objectives" i.e. you "suck" then you don't get to miss any at all.

    Also, if your instructor "feels you are not prepared" for your clinical assignment, they can send you home and that counts as an absence. So if you don't have your ducks in line and your meds researched you are SOL. Which means...do your homework!!

    Edited to add: I haven't seen anyone "granted" a make up yet. They aren't very lenient when it comes to this. Especially since the clinicals are run simultaneously - it's nearly impossible to "make up" time.
  8. by   howie122832
    NO make ups at the school I went to! We(myself and 2 other students) were in a car accident on day on the way to lunch, and the director of our program did come to the hospital ED and excuse us from clinicals the next day. She said that because we were doing OB and Nursery and would probably be sore, that we could take the day off, excused! But this was 2 weeks before graduation!
  9. by   RN1263
    thanks for the comments so far . i didn't ask the question because i'm not a responsible person but because life happens ( deaths, car accidents, house fires , ect. ) & there isn't semesters at my school it's 9 mos. straight through . i just don't want to lose my $ 7,500 from missing clinicals because of something that may be out of my control. well, guess i'll have to risk it, i feel better knowing it's all schools & not just the one i want to go to.
  10. by   maeyken
    Wow! My school sounds pretty lenient compared to a lot! I think we're allowed to miss one day, and any more after that have to be made up (which is relatively easy, cuz our class is split into two different days, so you can go on the other day to make up your hours)

    Also, one day my tutor had a family emergency, and so our clinical was cancelled. We didn't have to make it up, we just had to do an assignment (which was SOO boring! I think I would've rather made up the day!)
  11. by   fab4fan
    We were allowed to miss one day per semester without having to make it up, as long as we were passing clinical & classroom.
  12. by   Vsummer1
    We can miss one also. They do allow you to make up clinical time, but you must arrange with the instructor to do so. If the instructor has a full load of students you cannot make it up... then you fail clinicals. All rotations have a full load, so no make up hours are available this semester.
  13. by   MomNRN
    We were allowed to miss one clinical day per semester. Any more after that would require a make up.

    I will never forget calling from my clinical in the cardiac cath lab to check up on my sick daughter. God forbid a mother be able to take her child to the doctor. Thank goodness my Dad was able to. The diagnosis - pneumonia. She missed 10 days of school. How many was I able to stay home with her? Zero! I still resent that.

    I understand the responsibility issue and I also realize the rules are there for a reason, but I felt like I was putting my education before my child. It was horrible. Sure I could have stayed home and repeated the semester, but I felt that wasn't an option either.

    Thank god those days are over!!!!!!!!!