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Hello all of my fellow nursing students. Whether your just beginning, taking pre-req's, in the middle of your program or just about to finish up in May.....Give a shout out....let us know how you... Read More

  1. by   delirium
    Hey all... Rebecca here.
    I'm in the 2nd semester of an ADN program... finished up my med/surg rotation today, and I'm kind of sad about that. I totally loved this clinical, I had the best instructor ever. I really feel that my assessment and critical thinking skills have improved.
    Next is community health and OB and then... that's it!
    Spring break in another week and a half. Can't wait. Til then I have 5 papers to work on, case studies due on Friday, my midsemester clinical evaluation tomorrow, etc.... never a break.
    Oh, and I had another big micro exam today.
    Just hoping I can keep my 4.0 going..... :roll
    Think happy thoughts. We're almost at the end!
  2. by   shunda
    Hello Everyone!!!!!
    I am wearing the word "STRESSED" all over me. I am currently working on my pre-req's and I am about to go crazy. I have Biology, Math 098, Psychology 200, and English 101. Our Spring Break starts March 22nd, even though I will still have to study so that I will not get behind. After Spring Break I will have only 14 class day left and I am just jumping for joy. Even though it is going to be short lived because I will be going to school in the summer also. These are the classes I am thinking about taking over the summer:
    Biology 201-Human Anatomy & Physiology I
    Psychology 210-Human Growth and Development
    English 102

    Then for the Fall semester I plan on taking:

    Biology 202-Human Anatomy & Physiology II
    Math 100-Intermediate College Algebra
    Speech 106-Fundamentals of Communication
    and maybe something like Sociology

    Then I plan on taking Microbiology last. My plan if it is the Lord's will to enter the nursing program in January 2003. Everyone remember that God has not brought us this far to leave us. Keep each other in our thought's and prayers. May God Bless and Keep Us All!!!
  3. by   Hooligan
    Hi Everyone!!

    Bean here! I'm taking psych (Human Growth and Development) and Medication Dosage Calculations. I'm getting an "A" in Psych so far and I start Med Dosage Calc next week. It's a 1/2 semester course which is why I'm starting it next week. Hubby and I are also just getting over the flu...I had a wonderful Spring Break filled with hacking, coughing, and high fevers...Woo Hoo!! But at least I didn't miss any class!! Good luck to everyone for the rest of the semester!!!!

  4. by   mcg02
    Hi to all, the BIG DAY IS 5/3/02 @2pm and i can't wait. Ten more days of clinical and then I will have reached 230+ hours, plus 18 hours for management, this semester has gone by so fast and so much busy work. MEDICAL COLLEGE OF GEORGIA School of Nurisng Augusta,GA
  5. by   Tiggur
    hey this was a great idea..... things are going better spring break helped .....gave me time to recoup.. and time to think .....i feel good ,,,,,kids are finally well ....the only thing thats not went well is the girl i ride with dropped here at mid term ... so i will miss her but thats the best thing for her right now ...but other than that things are going good ...i will be doing the LPN exit and as of now i will be returning for the RN ....Good Luck to all ......Tina
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Spring break starting on Friday and ends on April 1. I have work and projects to so. I will also be woeking more hourse too.

    School is going alright; I am tired and need a break, but I won't quit!


  7. by   AnaH
    Hi there! I don't start school until the fall. I'll start with my pre-req's. But I love to read all of your posts. It sounds very interesting. I took a class back in high school (LONG TIME AGO, I'm 30 now), and got to go to a Hospital a watch a couple of surgeries. It was so cool. I guess I just have to pray that I get into the nursing program the first time I apply.
    Snlisa, good luck getting in the program. Let us know when you hear from them.
  8. by   colleen10
    Hi everyone,

    I'm still here and kicking!

    I have Human Growth / Dev. this semester in night school and so far have an A. Just found out last week that I got into a summer section of A&P 1. It's a 10 week course. EEEEKKKKSSSS!!!! I'm a little scared because it's condensed into only 10 weeks but I really enjoy A&P so I hope I will make it through ok. I've allready started memorizing bones in my spare time at work.

    Today I have been working on an employment application for a local community hospital for an entry level position as a Patient Care Tech. / PCA / Unit Assoc. etc. Hopefully, if I get asked to interview I'll find out the pay will be sufficient to quit my current job which is not related to the medical field in any way. I can dream can't I???

    That's all that's new with me. Can't wait for spring to arrive!!!

    Take care everyone and best of luck to all of you!

  9. by   StudentMarilu
    Hi everyone! I just found this site last nite and am very impressed. It's nice to know I am not the ONLY person pulling their hair out! I attend school part-time since I work full-time on a psychiatric unit and teach a crisis prevention class to 300 employees at my facility. Oh...and that's not to mention the 4 kids and husband that require full time attention from me. WHEW! It's no wonder I'm a wreck! hehehe. My "plan" is to finish up all pre-reqs before entering clinicals. Anyone have any hints to offer an older (37) student that works full-time, like myself? Good luck to all!
  10. by   donnaste
    Hello to everyone I am a prior Surgical Technologist. So I guess you can say my pre-req's were a piece of cake and long gone. I can't wait to be a nursing student. I haven't decided on a speciality, yet, but I will. I wish everyone good luck in their courses and a safe, warm (because it is downright chilly here) spring break.
    See ya!!
  11. by   Brownbetty
    Nikki here :roll

    I will be graduating in July 2002!!
    This semester I am taking 21 credits ( I decided to take an extra class - Forensic Nursing - I love it). Currently I am on spring break thank GOD but it is not long enough. I am trying to catch up on work and get ahead since I will be missing 2 days of clinical when attending the NSNA Convention in a few weeks.

    Overall, all is well
  12. by   fnimat1
    Congratulations Nikki!!!!!! :roll :roll
    I'll be following in your footsteps (in a couple of years though...lol)

    "RN 2B in 2004"
  13. by   marci3335
    Hello, Marci here. I'm in my 2nd semester of pre-reqs. I'm currently taking A&P I, pre-alg, college math and Psy 101. We just started cat dissection. I was thrilled that I had no problem at all and actually enjoyed it! I even took half of its scalp off. This is a big deal for me because I never touch meat and I'm a vegetarian! Who knew????