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Hello all of my fellow nursing students. Whether your just beginning, taking pre-req's, in the middle of your program or just about to finish up in May.....Give a shout out....let us know how you... Read More

  1. by   peaceful2100
    It is tonya here, I just got done with spring break yesterday. So today was my first day back and I was not into it today at all. I was still in spring break mode. It went all too fast and I hate having spring break this early but the good think Is starting at 1200pm on Thursday March 28th we will get another mini break for the Thursday afternoon/evening, Friday and Monday for the easter holiday.

    I am finishing up my last week of community clinicals this week (YES, THANK GOODNESS) I almost every bit of the clinical because it was not a whole lot of hands on nursing experience that I have gotten out of the clinical. I took a few blood pressures and that was about as hands on as it got. Next week My group starts pediatrics until the April 3rd and then from April 8th-24th we do Labor/delivery, mother/baby, and nursery and then we are done with clinicals. My first final will be on May 1st and my last final will be May 3rd and I have a total of 4 finals in between those times and then I am done on May 3rd.

    This is so exciting and also a little scary because in exactly one more week I will be pre-registering for my senior year. I can't believe it.
  2. by   Mito
    Hello All,
    I am on spring break as well. I am currently in my OB rotation and everything is going well. I will be finished my second year (of a three year program) in late May. I am looking forward to a summer of riding my ATV and building custom furniture.

  3. by   meownsmile
    Spring break finally got here. Has been a tough semester but am pulling good solid B's in both my two last classes. Will finish with finals on the 15th of May, and graduate on 17th. I will be so glad to finish, but then (hopefully January) will go into the ADN to BSN program for another year and a half.
  4. by   Brown Suga
    Hello everyone, my name is Marlita. I am an ADN nursing student in my 2nd semester. I am currently on spring break working 36hrs and I have to exams the foloowing monday after spring break. Last week I just started my Med/Surg clinicals 2 days a week for 6hrs each. My clinical instructor was barely assigned to us within 48hrs of starting our first rotation. Good luck to everyone in the continuation of the semester.
  5. by   TxRn2B03Cheri
    This week is spring break for me too. I am in my secons semester of the ADN program. I have an exam on the Monday following spring break (18th), finals in OB/Pedi that thursday (21st) and friday (22nd) and then start med-surg II on the 25. Even though it is spring break, they want to make sure you don't enjoy it, also have to do a care map and a care plan with Gordon's this week. Good Luck with the rest of the semester every1.
  6. by   SandyJohn
    hi i am taking my Pre-req's and so far so good, i have a test on Wednesday any i will let you guys know. GGGGGGooooood luck to everyone and to those on spring break enjoy
  7. by   Forevermomof5
    Hi!! My name is Karen and I am not yet in the ADN program here, just finishing up A&P II and Micro. Is anybody with me? I HATE MICRO!!!! It has got to be the worst class I've ever taken. It is like I am trying to read german. Well anyways today I had an exam in there and a midterm practicum in the lab. My instructor said not to worry that I did better than I think I did - hopefully I just pass! I'll gladly take a C in that class.

    A&P is another story....I just love that class. It is a breeze now compared to Micro. Pulling a B+ but the midterm in lab is this week and another exam on Tuesday.

    Our spring break isn't until two weeks and I'm glad because it'll be warmer here by then. Hopefully in the 80s! Good luck everyone!:roll
  8. by   stevie b
    Spring break starts this Friday. Im taking A$P1,Micro,Algebra and Computors.I have A's in all but the stupid computor class, and my nursing program just redid the curriculum and did away with this class. Just my luck, Im barely pulling a C!/Life goes on,and Im just going on to the beach.Hang in there guys
  9. by   giftedRN
    hey guys,

    I am not doing too bad so far. I have gotten A's in Enc1101, ENC1102, Music and B in Sociology and C in microbiology. I am working very hard to pull up my grades and i am asking all of you to pray for me.
  10. by   essarge
    At the end of my spring break last week. Got 2 quizzes and 1 exam (pharm) tomorrow. The rest of the week is pretty easy though. Can't wait until this semester is over...then I'll be a junior!!!!!!
  11. by   nrselisa
    We still have 2 weeks until our Spring Break. Then, I'm off to Disney World!! This semster I am taking comp & A & P. So far, I still have a 4.0 (unless I don't got off here & back to my research paper! UGH!). I'll know with in the next 2 weeks if I am accepted into the nursing program. The wait is just killing me.
  12. by   Tiggur
    heyits me tina ...doing good ,,,spring break was a good break i did absolutely nothing ...spent some time with my g'ma which i enjoyed ...but things are going good been a tough semester both kids have been sick finally got them well .....but hey whats life without the tests ,,,,,"smile" hope things are good for others ,,,
  13. by   ggfifirn05
    Just started back to school for the first time since 1995, and changed my major from business degree to nursing. I'm taking a "fast track" 8 week Saturday class in Human Growth & Development, and then will take College Algebra and A & P 1 next semester...trying to get the pre-reqs out of the way while still working full time thru the end of the year. Also taking my PSB-NAT tomorrow evening. I've got my first quiz on Saturday...Ugh! I know I can do this if I put my mind to it, and my nose to the grindstone. Plus have the love and support of a wonderful husband and great teenage kids. Glad to hear that from all of you on board!