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I think this is my first or second post, but I've been reading posts here for a few months. Next monday I start Microbiology, A&p2, and nutrition. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT MICROBIOLOGY IS :roll how... Read More

  1. by   katgurl77
    THank you all for your warm replys.
    At my community college my g.p.a. didn't transfer over, I did start fresh, however, the administration is soooo messed up and they have messed with my head for 6 months now, so this program is by far by FAR my last choice. but I am sittitng here with a 4.0, so maybe I'll still get in here, but I'd really prefer anyplace else.
    I heard the same thing about the schools not paying much attention to what you did a while ago, but I still heard the hesitation in the voices of the admissions people I spoke to.
    I take my entrance test to get into my community colleges class next week. we'll see what happens there. AHHH......
  2. by   rn2be2006
    Hi Katgurl,

    I live outside Philly area too! I am currently working on my prereq's at the local community college and plan to apply to the Abington program for 2004. Did you attend their orientation? I got the impression that it will be very competitive to get in. I also looked at Gwynedd Mercy and Holy Family as alternatives. Where is your heart set to go?
  3. by   BellaTerra2002
    I think you're wrong. When we start a new school, the new school requires our transcripts from every other school we've attended. Our GPA is our GPA. We do not get to start over 'fresh'. That may just be here in CA??

    However, we can retake any class in which we get an F and cancel the F out. I chose not to do that for most of the classes since I really didn't need them for my AA.
  4. by   cpgrn
    Micro was my favorite prereq class. I hope you connect with your instructor because that makes all the difference. It is really a fun class and nothing to stress over. I had more trouble and more study time with A&P. Good luck to you!
  5. by   Stargazer
    Pssst, katgurl: check out this thread.
  6. by   katgurl77
    I got the feeling that abington really didn't need anyone else to apply. They were a bit cold if you ask me, however I hear thats the best program to go into. are you going to montco? I hate CCP. Holy family's main campus is really quaint, if I was going for my bsn, I'd go there. I hope to go to abington, but am not actually expecting to get in. second choice is Roxborough, then Northeastern. I really liked Northeastern's open house.

    Grades don't transfer into my community college, only credits, anything below a C is lost, but G.P.A. starts from scratch. For the nursing program here you have to have I think 12 credits and the old g.p.a. goes away for good. thank goodness for that.... now to go into the nursing schools, they count everything. I guess different schools have differernt rules.

    you made me laugh, thanks for the link.
  7. by   rn2be2006
    Katgurl...what class did you apply for? 2003? 2004? I noticed out on Abington's website that it says class of 2005 so I wonder if those 2 classes are full now. I think I may call them to see if they have a waiting list. Let me know if you hear from them!

    Good luck with Micro. I haven't taken it yet. I hear it's interesting...as long as you have a good instructor.
  8. by   Nurse Izzy
    I loved Microbiology. I had a tough teacher who also made it fun. Call me crazy and send the straight-jackects over but I actually wouldn't mind just sitting in on that class again! I was really neat - but the professor made all the difference!
  9. by   Miss Determination
    Hi everyone,
    I have not even applied to do the pre-reqs yet. Currently I am surfing through the posts and trying to get a feel of everything. You guys are making me panic about completing pre-reqs and not being accepted into Nursing School. I will be an international student travelling with spouse and young kids. What on earth will I do if I don't make it through all the way??