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I was just curious how many of us that are graduating in May have started the job search?? If you already have a job..let us know what it was like interviewing and where you are going to start your... Read More

  1. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    We were told to start looking for jobs now as someone else stated a lot of hospitals hire new graduates into a graduate nurse program and they fill up fast. I have not called around yet, been to busy, but I will be doing so soon!

  2. by   Medwynn
    I haven't applied for the RN position yet as i also graduate in May. I currently work as a Nurse Apprentice in the CIC/CSU on fridays. The hospital i work for sponsers the program and they expect me to work 1 year contract with them.

    After i graduate i will formally apply to work at CIC/CSU (I love it) .. We will see if the interview process was the same as when i interviewed for the apprenticeship position.
  3. by   porcelina22
    I graduate May 19th!!!! I haven't started applying for a "real" job yet, but I work as a nurse extern in the float pool, so at one time or another I have worked in every department and have introduced myself to all the department heads. We only have 2 hospitals in my town, and they are partner hospitals so the staff is interchangeable.

    We are working on resumes and cover letters it my management class right now, so once I have that done I'll probably start applying.

  4. by   abundantjoy07
    Quote from StudentNurseBean
    I have been to nursing recruitment fairs so far, but won't be applying for jobs until I have passed the NCLEX. I was told by two different nursing recruiters it is in your best interest to study for the NCLEX and pass first before you start working. They said starting a job on permit is difficult for new grads and during that same time, we have to study? Hmm..
    Anyhow, makes sense to me. I'm in no rush, the jobs will still be there when I graduate. I did however, apply to one critical care program back home and won't even get called for an interview until May they said. Sooo...
    Good luck all
    You know...this is my train of thought as well. I have to take it one step at a time...besides why worry about step 3 when you haven't even finished step 1 yet? I think it's a little premature to apply now. Besides there are several places looking to hire people, so it's not like it will be that hard to find a position you want.
    But if anyone is wanting a nursing internship...then now is the time to apply for that.
  5. by   NeosynephRN
    [quote=BabyRN_06;2049105]Besides there are several places looking to hire people, so it's not like it will be that hard to find a position you want.
    Around here...we will have 4 Universtities and about 3 CC graduating a class in May...and only 5 the jobs will get flooded!!! If I want, what I consider a good job, then I have to jump on it!! Cause by the time May comes around, all the good ones will be loooong gone!! It is not like it is taking a lot of time to look and apply, I do it all online...I do not expect a response for about a month, I just want my name in on the jobs that I really want!! Good Luck to all the soon to be nurses!!
  6. by   shellsgogreen
    we were also told it would be best to concentrate on the nclex first then job after that - although they are still preparing us this semester job wise ; resumes, applications etc.
  7. by   nursemommyof3
    I already work as a tech at a hospital, but the hospitals here starting recruiting about March for May grads. They get hired and work on a temporary license until they pass the NCLEX. One girl last year didn't take her NCLEX until September, but worked on the temp license until then, and also got RN pay during that time.
  8. by   pipersjo
    I graduate in May and I have had a RN job for a few weeks now. Obviously, I can't work as an RN until I pass, but I will be a GN at the beginning of June.