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My school only looks to see if you have met all of the requirements, IE. chemistry, algebra, asset tests etc, then everyone gets put in the lottery pool. GPA doesn't matter in terms of getting into... Read More

  1. by   ksrnstudent

    I completely understand your frustration. Wow, 906 applicants, huh? That's higher than when I was thinking about applying. Two years ago it was a little over 400 applicants. I don't know how some of the other community colleges do their nursing admissions. Have you checked into Clark County Community College, Linfield, or even OHSU? Good luck getting into nursing school...hope to see you around the PDX area in another year or so!

  2. by   jcardwell

    I've applied to all of them except OHSU and Clark. I have applied to Linfield, Walla Walla, Mt Hood Community College and to PCC. It's not looking very good right now. I guess Linfield had over 800 applications, Walla Walla had over 130 applications with less then 25 spots to fill, and I haven't found out how many MHCC got. I'm afraid to know how many they got. OHSU received over 900 applications and their GPA is going way up now. It is something like 3.6. I've been told Clark you have to have close to a 4.0 or you might as well not apply. I thought my 3.4 GPA would look good but not anymore. I've been going to school for 10 years (inbetween having my kids) and I'm worried I'm not going to be able to get into school now. And our hospitals around here are begging for nurses. Just doesn't seem right.

  3. by   newgrad2005

    I am a fellow Portland, Oregonian and also a graduate of University of Portland (in business). Have you looked at UP's nursing program? It is fabulous. If I lived in Portland I would definitely go there, even above OHSU, etc.
  4. by   Wheaties
    there is a college that offers the associates in nursing where i live.

    entry is also base on completion of prereqs, but its lottery to get in the program.

    i think its a great idea, its no unfair at all, because its random, they all have an equal chance of being picked. if they dont get picked, try again next semester.

    i wish my bsn program did that for us.
  5. by   TweetiePieRN
    Our school uses the lottery system...with a twist. 40 students were accepted into the program. The school set up 2 categories of applicants. 1st category:students who got all a's and b's in ALL prereqs. 2nd category:student got 1 c in a prereq. You cannot have more than 1 C in a prereq or you are not even considered for the program. Only 8 students were picked from the C student category. The 32 other students were from the A/B pool. So, this way of lottery ensures that the class has mostly A/B students. I finish nursing school this may and only 1 student has dropped.
  6. by   RedSox33RN
    I'm worried I'm not going to be able to get into school now. And our hospitals around here are begging for nurses. Just doesn't seem right.

    You are so right about this, and this was my exact trouble also. I applied to many programs this time around, and will have to commute at least an hour one way wherever I'm accepted (probably at little more like an hour and 15 min).

    Our problem here in NH, as I'm sure it is elsewhere, is that you have to have a MSN to teach, and most that get that far with their nursing don't WANT to teach, because there is not a lot of money in it. Plus a lot of nurses are not going for their MSN, just an ADN or BSN. It is sad. All of the schools I've had interviews at say they have hundreds of qualified and over-qualified applicants they have to turn away because of the lack of spots. She said most of them have done all of their pre-req's (some even doing as many BSN pre-req's as they can also) and have 3.4 GPA's and higher. They could easily do away with the nursing shortage if they had more spots and importantly, more teacher's.
  7. by   SpudID
    Dear Jill,

    I just wanted to encourage you. My friend had a 3.4 cum and was accepted at Linfield, while another friend with similar GPA went to Walla Walla. Also, at Clark this last time all scores of 6 and 7 were allowed in and 25% of the 5s. you are given scores based on your sciences cum. only plus your general cum. (So your 3.4=3 points). If you had a 3.0 in your sciences portion you would be a 6 so I would encourage you to apply their next application date is April 15th, but get it in asap because they go off of your GPA and application date and it is important especially if you are a 5.

    Also, you didn't list CCC which has a good reputation. Usually only about 100 apply because they have the NET, Compass, and ewrite for about 40ish slots. It seems like you could have good chances there.

    Don't despair. You still have options!