Lost 1/4 of our class to the math test in block 3!!

  1. I'm still in shock. The school is in shock. There were about 27 of us when we took our first math test during orientation for block three. Only five of us passed it. You get three chances, so on the second run, 12 people failed. They did the third run last Sat (I go to school fri/sat) and 6 people failed!! I"ve been in NS for over a year with these people! I'm just in shock, good friends now gone. One of the girls was due to get married next month, she has a Bachelors degree in accounting and failed it! One of our teachers just couldn't believe it, said it's never happened before. Just needed to vent!
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    unfortunately, thats the reality of nursing school. however, you need to stay focused on your goals in order to finish successfully.
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    Happened at our school, also. year two. They were dropping like flies. It is the way of the Nursing School Beast!!

    But honestly, if someone gets 3 chances, and still fails, there is either a problem with the teacher or the student. And all the rest of you passed....

    I'm sure this is not everyone's experience because I am a second career nurse who had practically zero science or math background yet 100% determination, but my own personal experience was that:

    NS is about weeding out people and seeing who will survive to make it to the finish line. To see who wants it bad enough.... I never thought of it that way when I started, but I was definitely thinking that way when I dragged myself across that finish line bloodied and beaten but with that NCLEX paper in hand and a big cheezy grin on my face like Gollum with the RING! "MY PRECIOUSSS!"
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    Wow.... that is pretty wild!
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    Wow! I see your'e from Gilbert.... You wouldnt happen to be in ASU's program would you? Because if so... I have something to look forward to next semester
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    I don't remember anyone dropping out of my program, except for personal reasons I think one woman did. One gal flunked last semester, I think she had academically struggled the whole time.
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    Quote from SunDvl
    Wow! I see your'e from Gilbert.... You wouldnt happen to be in ASU's program would you? Because if so... I have something to look forward to next semester
    No, I'm not in ASU's program, lol. I'm going to a community college program, but it's not near my house, I travel for it. It's a great program 100% pass rate on the NCLEX, but that also means it's super hard. I think a lot of the people who failed were just too anxious, they all knew what they were doing, but when you get to the third try you know that's it and I think a couple of them overthought the test, YKWIM? It's just so sad, I'll really miss them, and it's scary too, 'cause that could've happened to any of us.

    Congratulations on starting at ASU!
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    Ouch....it's sad to move on and leave people behind, especially after a year.

    Best of luck for continued success.
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    Happens. but they'll be back.
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    Be glad that you passed! That is the way nursing school is - be sad for your friends, but even happier for yourself!
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    Our first attempt is next Tues and I've got a feeling at least 10% of us won't make it....math is what they all say weakness is, and you have to follow ALL the rounding/labeling/calculation rules...one slip, you fail....of course, that's a good thing, but we do get 4 chances. If you can't pass, you probably shouldn't be in the program right now.