Looked at syllabus for Nursing 4...Yikes!!!

  1. This post is me hyperventilating, I just looked at the syllabus and readings for next semester and OH MY GOD!!! It is advanced med/surg and psych. There are only 3 exams and a final so I imagine if you bomb one, you're in pretty deep trouble. This is also my final semester, so I want to do well. Something tells me this is not going to be fun....
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  3. by   SFCardiacRN
    Take a deep breath. You'll be fine. Typically, the first semester is the hardest. Very few students fail the last semester. It is difficult to read, study and write reports after all day clinicals but just take it one day at a time. Good luck!
  4. by   truern
    One of the things that worked for me in Psych was to think of a real person that represented each disorder...for example: Ted Bundy and antisocial personality disorder. Also, I was "lucky" enough to have clients that presented classically with each disorder as we studied them.

    I'm with SFCRN....you've made it this far and will very likely make it all the way!!
  5. by   Lori_RN_BSN
    This past semester was my 3rd semester in nursing school and we only had 3 tests for ob, peds, and management. So our tests were weighed heavily. I know what it is to feel the pressure but hang on and trust me you will get through it. Just think every week that passes is a week already done. Good luck to you!!

  6. by   MMARN
    I feel for ya. I'm kinda freakin out here, too. I start NS in four days and I haven't even seen my syllabus, but I'm sure it's almost as scary as yours. It's even more scary that most nursing students (as some posters have said) fail their first semester. HOLY CRAP!!! You've gone through the "rough" part (first year) and you're almost there. Just breathe and try to relax and you'll be fine. Good luck. God bless!!!
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  7. by   NaomieRN
    You will be fine.
    Last semester, both of my classes were only 3 exams and final.
    You can make the class fun...........It is up to you!
  8. by   Lori_RN_BSN
    I'm taking community this last semester. I'm terrified about this APA paper that we have to do that I've heard is more than 50 pages long. I'm ok with doing careplans and pathoflows but hate writing papers. 50% of community is writing papers with the other 50 tests. I'm also taking ethics which should be easy considering I've taken ethics during pre-reqs. THis class has no tests and is all papers and presentations. Along with these classes I'm taking Critical care which is 3 exams with no papers. I'm going to have a busy semester as you can tell.
  9. by   crb613
    Oh gosh...I know what ya mean!!! We were given a little pep talk & it was not pretty. We do 2 back to back 12hr clinicals (2 1/2 hr drive one way) 2 days adv. med surg, professional nsg mgmt, integrated nsg practicum & adv med surg practicum. I can hardly wait!!!
  10. by   ortess1971
    I'm feeling a little better today-I calmed down when I realized that I have the support of my classmates and you guys too! It's funny, the beginning of every semester I go into a mini-funk and then it passes. I am just going to focus on graduation, the pinning and all the other stuff that makes the last semester fun. I also started some of the reading tonight so I won't feel so swamped when the semester begins(next Tuesday).