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  1. I am second year nursing student in an associates degree nursing porgram. There were a lot of problems with the program last year regarding the second year. The class averages on every Med-Surg test was failing. Every single test. However, most ended up graduating. I would think that this problem would have been addressed by now....its my turn we had two tests so far second year....Respiratory and Cardiac...the class average for the first was 78 and for this next test it was 62 and they gave five questions back so it went up to like 72, what the heck it is still failing. does anybody else ever hear of instances like this please tell me, its madness...everybody is not stupid I swear....feed back appreciated ...
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  3. by   soontograduate
    I am in the exact same boat that you are. I am second year ADN and after our first test the class average was just shy of NOT passing (Med/Surg). So we are all freaked out. I remember hearing stores from second year students last year about how many people failed tests. It seems like everyone.
    Just now I got home from class after taking a Mental Health/Community Nursing test. We went over the answers after the test, but didn't get to see our actual tests. And from the sounds of the moans and arguing going on, at least 90% of us didn't pass (me included). Apparently the instructors from neighboring campuses talk about the test results and our instructor is going to try to argue a few questions for us because they were not accurate. But still.....even with a FEW points back, a majority failed. We only have 4 tests in that class so this was 25% of our grade. I know we aren't stupid, cause we all did fine last year. So whats the problem. I'm angry that I "wasted" so much time studying and failed the test. I totally understand what you are going through but I don't have an answer for why. VERY frustrating. Good luck to you in the future. Keep your chin up!!
  4. by   rnmomtobe2010
    somebody needs to be doing some serious investigating.
  5. by   It's Alisa
    I've found this is very common in nursing schools...I heard someone referring to it as the "weeding out" process...can you believe it?! but it's very rampant in nursing schools..for us, it was Cardio ( 6 people failed out) and comming up will be the nervous system as well as classmates and I are already gearing up for it by studying now. It seems to be the only thing we can do.

    I've found that the Saunders NCLEX review book helps BIG TIME..esp if you read and understand the rationale, it helps guess correctly when questions you dont know come up on the test.

    Good luck! and study hard. let us know when you pass.
  6. by   soontograduate
    I've heard the "weeding" out term too. It's like it's all a big game in a way. How much can we throw at you before you buckle under the pressure? I suppose they don't want people in nursing that aren't serious about it. And to put ourselves through all of this for this long, we have GOT to be dedicated right? I have fluid/electrolyte and acid/base test on Monday. Apparently last year that was the killer test for the students. We'll see
  7. by   richardjboro1
    I guess we're lucky here so far. I've had a somewhat regular study group since middle of 1st year. We meet usually once a week and study for upcoming tests. Out of... maybe the 8 -10 of us, only one of us has dropped/failed so far. To me, it's not the difficulty of the tests, but the sheer amount of info as someone else said. Anyway, long story longer, I wanted to commiserate with the folks failing. Hope someone gets something together and gets stuff right. If the questions are wrong, they should be removed.

  8. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Quote from stanquim
    ...The class averages on every Med-Surg test was failing. Every single test. However, most ended up graduating...
    These statements seem inconsistent. If they "failed" every single test then how did "most" end up graduating? It doesn't sound like "failing" if you continue on.

    Do you know what is the NCLEX pass rate at your school?
  9. by   stanquim
    I know, initially the tests are failed, and then magically or somehow there tests grades always shot up weeks after or at the end of the semester........most people end up moving on but its just ridiculoous to me to have to add so many points to a test to have the majorityof the class pass, its like where do you draw the line if your giving 10 15 poiints,, whoo doesn't deserve to pass with these types of tests were recieving....................but yea I saw the NCLEX pass rates and they are pretty average with many other schools in the state...
  10. by   gonzo1
    If a few students fail it is their problem, if a whole class fails there is a problem in the program.
  11. by   manofcare
    Reality check. If everyone in the program is failing every single test and still graduating, then your school is using a ploy that uses stress at lower levels to enhance learning. Pick up a mental health nursing book and read for yourselves if you don't believe me. It was common in our program. Stress the heck out of the students through the first part of a semester and then back the tests down and even give a no-brainer final exam. Now use the old critical thinking to figure out what they are doing. You walk into the first test, and they gut 95% the class on grades. You think, I had better suck it up and start hitting the books big time. You continue to work really hard because you are concerned about failing the semester. They accomplish what they want from you, you learn like crazy, and they really are not tied to the quality or lack there of for instruction. Sad but true.
  12. by   anne_in_maryland
    Our test average for the second med surg test was 59. Nice. 13 people failed the class (out of 55). I passed by the skin of my teeth.