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  1. yea we use to be able to wear t shirts at my hospital..no more..however if I could I would wear those also..but I did buy a couple any ways, people love them.
  2. I came across this awesome T-shirt line on a friends tumblr. It incorporates elements of music and anatomy. It was started by an ICU nurse, all original art http://www.somaphony.com is the site. The art and shirts are amazing, I'm going to buy a few see if I can wear a few of them instead of scrub tops add some fun to the unit. Check it out, and spread the word. heres the blog where I came across it initially. scroll down to where the heart guitar is http://medicalstate.tumblr.com/page/9 . wow I love this stuff.
  3. stanquim

    So excited about Neuro!

    sweet, i just started neuro icu a few weeks ago. No it is not the most popular, but it is awesome, quite interesting, it has its days, but I am glad I'm in the neuro ICU. It will be a lot of hard work , but you will succeed.
  4. stanquim

    New Grad & New to SICU - need advice!

    icufaqs.org is the greatest check it out, The ICU Book by Paul Marino. They will be your friends.
  5. I'm sorry this is so long... So I'm here to vent. I felt like I had the worst day in my life the last day I was at work, and as I had thought it was going to to be the last day that I had worked on the unit for the time being. I started out working in a MICU as a new grad. I didn't have a doubt in my mind that I could not succeed in there as a new grad. My preceptor was impatient from the first day, expecting me to know what line I should push drugs given theres about 5 IV lines to choose from, my first day, impatient, and pretty much made me feel lower then low and it shot my confidence and I wasn't myself at work , I hardly talked to people, I had no confidence, and it just continued, she made me very nervous, and made me feel very stupid. So had a meeting with the manager of the unit, my preceptor, and they were saying that I was doing my job with no pride, and with no emotion and not taking anything seriously, and I admit when I worked I felt like a zombie there because thats just how I ended up feeling from all of the putdowns with no encouragement, no support, no nothing, nothing positive. So I wasn't quite aware how to get out that "zombie" frame of mind, but the meeting helped and my eyes were opened, and the next few weeks at work were a lot better. So my preceptor caught me about to make 2 drug errors in those weeks and I had a hard time remembering things in there, its like my mind when blank, and I couldn't remember easy things it was horrible, I recorded a wrong number my preceptor caught, and then I hung a wrong fluid it was a potassium chloride 20 meqs ina 1000ml bag, it was just a maintenance fluid bag, I never knew of that fluid , i ddin't know they had that as maintenance fluid , I hung potassium d5/ns instead of just ns, not knowing there were different potassium fluids. I knew that was the last draw and that I was going to be transferred. Also I was leaving the unit about an hour late every shift, my time management, was not coming together. So I have a meeting coming up this week and I know I'm going tobe transferred, I'm very dissapointed I worked so hard, and was sure I could tackle the ICU as a new grad, maybe part my preceptors effect on me still lingered affecting my practice and also maybe I just was not ready for the sensory overload of the ICU as a new grad....I'm sorry it was so long, but I had to vent. I'm sure I will be transferring to floor, hopefully a cardiac step down or something if possible.
  6. stanquim

    trauma icu or msicu

    the med-surg is a med-surg at a level 1 trauma hospital, big teaching, research hospital its 15 beds very sick patients. thank you for all of the info , much appreciated.
  7. stanquim

    trauma icu or msicu

    Hello all, gotta question, which would be better for me to work at in preparing to go to anestheis school , which would look better on a resume, the trauma icu or working in a med-surg icu, which one is a more challenging place to work at , and which would better prepare me for anesthesia school, all feedback is appreciated, thank you
  8. stanquim

    Trauma ICU vs Med-surg

    Hello all, I have question...I want to know something about Trauma vs Med-Surg ICU....is there anybody here that has worked both, or knows a lot about both...which one do you consider a more challenging place to work, I know in trauma, there is not a lot of medecine involved, but which one is a more challenging place to work, any feedback appreciated.
  9. stanquim

    Piedmont CC vs. Germanna CC

    hello there, pm me and I'll be able to give you some info...I know a lot about the germanna program, I went through it
  10. stanquim

    Fredericksburg/Medicorp/Germanna Nurses?

    Hello you are in luck today... I'm actually graduating from the traditional ADNS program in May. Now about MediCorp I've been there a few years and I like the hospital a lot. I've been taking care of from flexibility, to tuition reimbursement without owing them any time. I enjoy working there its a good hospital, good people, comfortable environment, they take care of their employees, and others whom I have talked to (travel nurses) who've been to plenty hospitals says that it is one of the nicest hospitals they have worked in. I will work there also when I graduate in May. If i'm correct New Grad pay last year was $24.50. Considering all things thats pretty good, southern VA some areas start at like 18 19. Regarding the commonwealth program. I have some friends in the program. Of course your gonna have to bust tail to take care of business, but other then that, I haven't heard anything bad, you just gotta take care of business, and don't be a slacker. Also, there is not as much assignments and randomness as there is in the traditional program; however, the traditional program was good the nonetheless. Toodles.
  11. stanquim

    Listen to this madness crazy madness...

    I know, initially the tests are failed, and then magically or somehow there tests grades always shot up weeks after or at the end of the semester........most people end up moving on but its just ridiculoous to me to have to add so many points to a test to have the majorityof the class pass, its like where do you draw the line if your giving 10 15 poiints,, whoo doesn't deserve to pass with these types of tests were recieving....................but yea I saw the NCLEX pass rates and they are pretty average with many other schools in the state...
  12. stanquim

    New Grad ICU MCV INOVA

    Hello all, I plan to graduate May 08' and I was curious about what hospitals accept new grads into the ICU, curious about the I NOVA hospitals and also the hospitals in richmond, and Potomac. What their process is for working in the ICU ....I've been working on a respiratory floor for the past year ....any help is very much appreciated thanks in advance
  13. I am second year nursing student in an associates degree nursing porgram. There were a lot of problems with the program last year regarding the second year. The class averages on every Med-Surg test was failing. Every single test. However, most ended up graduating. I would think that this problem would have been addressed by now....its my turn we had two tests so far second year....Respiratory and Cardiac...the class average for the first was 78 and for this next test it was 62 and they gave five questions back so it went up to like 72, what the heck it is still failing. does anybody else ever hear of instances like this please tell me, its madness...everybody is not stupid I swear....feed back appreciated ...
  14. Hello all, I am a male second year nursing student with a plan to graduate in spring of 08' (pray for me lol) I think I'll have things under control.... I was just wondering who in this cyber world could offer me some information about new Grads working in the ICU in richmond hospitals MCV, or at INOVA hospitals, is there a process you have to go through or what does it take , do they take new grads, I'm working on a respiratory , renal floor for my remaining year in school as an extern I don't know if that would help or ..........pleeeeeeeease deliver some info please please, thanks in advance, appreciate it
  15. Hey, I am also graduating next year and just started a nursing extern position in the ER now, and I will have two other departments I will rotate through, and I love it, it couldn't be better, one I love the ER i've been working there the past 3 years at a nother position. But my skills are finally being put to work, and my assessment skills are so much better, and learning meds, learning how to be a real nurse is what it's doing for me , its great
  16. stanquim

    Has anyone here had to do clinicals in OB

    Just got done with OB clinicals, I saw a few c sections, and one vaginal delivery, a few ladies didn't want males in for them, I don't want to see another anyways, one was enough. Staff was cool though, didn't have any problems.