Life-Span class is shortening mine.

  1. I'm just whinning........certainly to a group of intellectuals that can somehow utilize this contradictory load of crap.

    I'm certain this will be the only useless part of school, but I just can't get "up" for this.

    I've been staring at it since early this morning. I can't see any content when I read it. It's like one of those pictures that you're supposed to look at and kind of let your eyes go out of focus and out pops a spaceship or some other such image that's not apparent by just looking at it. It's as if it's just someone talking about how thier day went or making casual conversation. When it does try to make a point, it only speculates, never settling on one thing, but presenting a range of possibilities.......all possibilities.

    So they can never be convienient.

    I'm supposed to be writting a bibliography. I have to read and summarize ten papers.
    I have to summarize speculation................beautiful.

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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    Hmmm, peeps, I used to find myself doing that; I called it Mental Avoidance.

    Time to go for a walk, methinks... :chuckle:
  4. by   ashemson
    Well, I haven't had lifespan yet, but during medical terminology last semester I was like that. I absolutely loved the class, but when I would get my kids in bed at 9pm, sit down and start to study, I would fall asleep imediately! I finally had to change my study time, go to my night class early, just to study, I could concentrate better away from my comfy couch!:zzzzz
  5. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    LOL! Not "avoidence"..........I have attachment issues!!!:roll

    Trust vs Mistrust:
    Not being fed relevant information causes mistrust and I develop into an adult with commitment issues!!!!

    Thanks Mr. Erikson...............Did you know that that describes most of the Adult Single Male population?

    Gee, they must have all gotten crap from thier mommys!!!

    A whole nation of Mommy Dearests:chuckle

    "DR" Erikson was an artist ya know..........................Didn't even take science courses.........................Base a science on that cupcake!!!

  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i enjoyed my lifespan class. we had a great teacher who made it interesting and the students were great to be around!

  7. by   starr234
    I just finished my final in my Lifespan class. My class was three hours long. Could you imagine?? I thought it was a load of crap too LOL I remember having to watch a movie on Piaget and could not take it anymore I abruptly left the class. That is the first time I reacted that way in class. Go FigureLOL
  8. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    This is the first class that I have'nt had 150% motivation.

    I didn't walk out of a movie, but last semester I did walk straight out of the class to the library and drop the class on-line during the third week.

    I've noticed that some people either just LOVE it or DESPISE it.

    That observation is gender specific.

    It's like The View meets Jerry Springer

    It's bizzar.
  9. by   babynursewannab

    I had to attempt lifespan twice. The first time I dropped cuz I thought I was just not "into it". Then the second time I announced that if I made it through the entire semester w/o once attempting suicide from boredom or frustration, it would be a miracle. My boyfriend would think I was kidding when I walked in the door at home and offered up my wrists to him!

    Sounds harsh, but man...well, you know... I did make it through, though!

  10. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Yea..........sure, of course I've attempted suicide a number of times this semester.

    I think that could be diagnosed as "avoidance".

    I somehow find that counting the bumbs in the ceiling of my office is now very appealing:stone

    I'm falling into a protective trance now.
  11. by   nightingale
    I remember so much memorization of stuff that I was in conflict with. I just could not take it on as my won.. ya know.

    So... I got this signe that said, "Just Do It"!

    I hear ya peeps... I hear ya!

    Then I tried the count down game of, "only three more weeks of this crap" etc...

    Whateverever works!

    And when I got really desperate we would joke about " C=RN". And really, all you need is a C to pass... but who wants to be average anyway!

    ((((((hugs to ya Peeps))))))

  12. by   nursejws
    This is not encouraging guys :chuckle . I HOPE to take Life Span in the fall. I was hoping it would be an online course...but they're not offering it in the fall online...just summer.
  13. by   nursejws
    I stand corrected! I did find an online course for Life Span Psych! Now I just need my stupid transcripts to register from my old school. They hadn't posted grades when they sent me a copy the first it showed up with X's, which means that I'm currently enrolled. I need W's!!
    Originally posted by nightngale1998
    Absolutely brilliant! Hilarious!

    WOW! I remember those classes! That's exactly what it was like. I remember chanting in my head during exams "I only need a C."

    But I'd never put it to a formula like that! Good one!