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My husband has champagne taste on a beer budget. Currently, I am not working. And the way it looks...a part time job may be all that I can handle while going to school. He works hard, and brings... Read More

  1. by   opalmRN
    I have been married to my husband for twenty five years. While he isn't perfect (me either so were great for each other) he is a very patient and loving person.

    Last week I came out of my evening class at 10pm, and there was a mysterious rose on my windshield. I took the rose, went back into the building and told my instructor I wanted to wait inside until everyone was gone. I was concerned that someone in my class had the wrong idea and because I live very rural, I didn't want anyone following me home.

    On the way home (as I nearly drove myself into a state of panic) I decided not to say anything to my husband as I didn't know what kind of reaction he would have. (he has never been jealous, but there was never any reason to be, until this).

    I got ready for bed, we talked about the evening and what he and our youngest did after dinner. He said that they ran to Wal-Mart and I ask "which" Wal-Mart but it was the one in the opposite direction of my class. Ok so that convinced me not to say anything.

    As I was drifting off to sleep, it was as if I was dreaming when I heard this voice say to me, "did you find anything on your windhsield tonight?" I bolted up in bed, realizing it was not a dream and turned to him shouting, "it was you?" He started to laught and said, "well who did you think it was?" I was so relieved and at the same time I was ticked off because I worried that someone in my class was a sicko. I chewed him up and spit him out and when it was all said and done I FELT LIKE A LOUSE! I couldn't apologize enough.
    Here the poor guy (who isn't overly romantic that's why I didn't think the rose was from him), just wanted to let me know that he loved me.
    The morale of the story, I need to be more aware of how special the person si who shares my life!
    I feel fortunate to have him.
  2. by   JennyRN2B
    That was soooo sweet. Isn't it nice when they surprise you with the "little things".

    I have the best husband also! I was headed for a career in teaching when all of a sudden I decided to be a nurse. He totally supported me in my decision and even helped me come up with a game plan.

    After I started the process of enrollement, I purchased the book to help me study for the pre-entrance exam. I read and read and read and read. I came home one day from running errands and he said, "close your eyes and hold my hand", he lead me back to the bedroom where he told me to open my eyes. I found he had purchased a reading light and placed it on my night stand. I thought that was one of the nicest most thoughtful things he has ever done.

    I know nursing school is going to be tough. We have 3 children. Two of which are in school. Our youngest is 3. I know that he will pick up the slack and we will make it because we are a team.

    Here's to ALL to GOOD men out there!!!!

  3. by   LauraLou
    My husband is incredibly supportive! He keeps telling me how proud he is of me and my hard work.

    He has always been very worried about saving money, so I wasn't sure how he would feel about me going back to school, as it means our income will be cut 40%. I was so surprised when he told me it was a great idea and would be worth the sacrifice for two years.

    Every week, he cuts out articles in the newspaper that talk about the nursing shortage and the sign-on bonuses hospitals are paying in our area. He calls me, "The Queen of the Community College!"

    I can't imagine trying to do this without his support. It must be incredibly hard!
  4. by   debyan
    I watch my daughters children so she can go to school Kyle 2 and Hannah 3 and see the interaction between her and her hubby. He is supportive most of the time, works hard usually goes to work at 6 and comes back at 6. Complains about housekeeping at times and others helps her with it. It seems to be money or should I say the lack of it or maybe keeping to a budget that their problems stem from. I guess he is Bi Polar supportive. Helping her get through this has become a family affair for my family. Everyone me, my sons and my husband and her sister-in-law and mother-in-law all have helped her by babysitting or finacial assistance or both. It is a hard job for you to go to school and keep up your relationship and you need all the help you can get. In the long run your school will help secure the future for you to be able to care for yourself working in the field you have chosen, since there is no quarentee your husband will always be there. I am guessing you feel you should be using your B. S. in Ed, for whatever reason you have decided not to, that is your choice. It would conflict with the schedule that most nursing schools run on ,days. There are times you have to make taking care of yourself your priority don't be manipulated into stopping to please anyone but yourself. At least it sounds like there aren't children to complicate your situation at this time . good luck oops I am rambling again deb
  5. by   colleen10
    Hmmm...... Well, yes and no. I guess he is supportive but not as supportive as I would like him to be.

    So far I have only been taking one pre-req. class a semester so it hasn't really put a strain on the budget, household, relationship. But I am hoping to start clinicals next Fall while working a full time day job and I don't think my husband realizes yet what a commitment school will be with studying, clinicals, etc.

    I pretty much run the household as far as cleaning, laundry, yard work, etc. and I really wish he would start to help out more because there is no way I am doing it while I am in school. I hate to bicker at him but when he won't clean up after himself I say to him that he better get into the swing of taking care of the place because I won't be able to do it while I'm in school.

    He has been supportive in that he has been contributing a lot to the household bills so that I can spend my money on credits and he understands that this is something I need to do because at this point I have no career nor opportunity for a career.

    I too feel guilty in that I allready have a degree that I should be able to use and that I should know where I am going career wise, but where I live, Pittsburgh, there is no need for people with College Educations so my degree is pretty useless and I think he understands that.
  6. by   MidwifeWannaB
    I'm not married, but my boyfriend is very supportive of me. He went through an ADN program for a year and so he understands what is involved in my studies. Even though we're not married, we have talked about it and I know that he will continue to be supportive even after we are married. He'll have to be--my earnings are probably going to be our main source of income when he starts med school!

  7. by   ggfifirn05
    My husband has been supportive so far, through my prereqs. He encourages me to study, and makes sure our teenagers don't bug me too much while I'm trying to hit the books, and tries to handle the meals for the most part. He's been especially supportive during the hell known as College Algebra, which I am struggling to get through with a "C", which is rough for me, because up til now I've had a 4.00 GPA.

    I'm concerned though how things will be once I start school full time...I'm applying as soon as this semester's grades are posted for the Summer 2003 semester, and God willing, will be taking my core nursing classes come next May. That means I will have to quit my full time job (I've been the primary breadwinner for the last ten years) and my husband will have to pick up the slack, just like I did for him when he retired from the Navy in '92 and went back to school himself. Of course, he now has a degree in Secondary Education that he's not using, because he says its too hard being a teacher, especially having to deal with the administration and parents, and what little he gets paid! (Like I don't deal with these things on a daily basis anyway, and will continue to when I'm an RN.) Anyway, our finances will be greatly reduced while I'm in school full time, and its been years since I've had to rely on my husband (in fact, since I was married to my 1st husband) for financial sustenance.

    Time will tell how it all works out, so I'm just concentrating on the semester at hand, and taking it one class at a time, till I know I'm accepted to the program. I know this is the correct path for me, especially since I'm 46 years old, and have waited a LONG time to pursue this dream. I am confident it will all work out, and I'll be bringing in the paycheck again with two years...Its good to hear that we all have similar struggles and problems to deal with...I don't feel like I'm having to go through these challenges alone.