Lack of Pharmacology Info

  1. I understand how gravely important pharmacology is in nursing school, which I am entering next fall. However, because of not having enough room in my schedule or the money to take it at my university, I had to take pharmacology shortened and in a community college that basically graded me based off of my discussion posts. The pharmacology book I had to buy seemed very expensive at the time so I opted out, damaging the amount of pharmacology I "learned".

    I am now desperately trying to find sites and quizlets to be able to at least know some drugs and medications but I just wanted advice, and really some help regarding pharmacology and how much it will affect me in the fall.

    My level of anxiety is at an all time high because I know I ultimately did this to myself, but is there any way that I could really make it through at least my first year of nursing school without the necessary pharmacology information?
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  3. by   Glucagon
    Is Pharm a prereq for your program? If so, then I imagine you will be expected to know the information and it would probably be incorporated into your classes as it is relevant. You might be able to get away with it, but I suspect you'll be trying to play catch up and learn the relevant Pharm info while in classes. They'd also probably expect you to know this stuff for your clinicals.

    If it's not a prereq, then you shouldn't need to know it. My program teaches Pharm as part of the program so they only expect you to know medications you've gone over in their program.
  4. by   hurricanekat
    My program posts a lists of the books required for each semester. I would look to see if your school has a similar list. See if you can purchase the book (either get a used one or even an international version) or even rent it and go through as much as you can on your own. A syllabus from your school would be bonus so you could study just what they studied (again - one of the schools I attended posted all of their syllabus online). Some books have a computer component and I learn better that way - maybe you could just purchase the computer component if its better for you. I've done it for a Pearson course.
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    Why don't you just buy the book and study it?
  6. by   clarria24
    I did order the book about a week ago so I am planning on reading as much as I can, but just the thought of having to read so much and somehow absorb all that information in about a month freaks me out. Though it is something i know i have to do.
  7. by   clarria24
    Looking for a syllabus is a really good idea actually, thank you cause i did not think about that. However, i did recently buy the book to try to "catch up" but the computer component was not there so I might have to look at separate websites for this i think...
  8. by   clarria24
    Pharmacology was a prereq but since they also allowed students to take it at certain community colleges, im wondering now if they are more lenient about the course content and how much they could differ.
  9. by   apmarquez
    You can use picmonic learn the medications
  10. by   Rocknurse
    Go on You Tube and watch the lecture videos on there about the various classes of drugs, It is organized very nicely and will help you remember things a lot easier than just reading. Make notes as you're watching the videos so you can organize your study notes. Out line all the various classes and what the associated side effects are. Start there and build form it.

    Search terms:

    Nursing pharmacology
    Medication classes
    Nursing Medication Review
  11. by   Tenebrae
    The helpful things to learn are your major types of drugs for each of the body systems.

    That doesnt mean knowing each drug, but for example with cardiac, some of the drug classes include beta blockers, calcium chanel blockers, diuretics. Knowing how to tell which is which, eg beta blockers end in -lol, a diuretic (many patients call it a water pill) has three main types, also knowing about the side effects associated with each drug class

    I kept an anotated a-z notebook when I was on placements, and during the day when ever I came across a drug I didnt know, I would write it down to look up at home, and usually wrote a brief description of what it was for, dose range, and most common side effects
  12. by   GapYrs
    I've bought into the NRSNG | Helping Nursing Students Succeed. Period. program and I love it. Even the more since they've updated the site.
  13. by   RainMom
    Maybe some flashcards from a member here to supplement your book?
  14. by   Oldmahubbard
    At the RN level, you are expected to recognize different basic categories of drugs, their use, and very general side effects. Even when working, you will still have to look stuff up.

    It is doable.