Just curious, name your institution and your NCLEX pass rate - page 2

Yea, I know, passing NCLEX doesn't mean you're a good nurse-- just means you're good at passing NCLEX, good NCLEX pass rate just means they teach to the test, bla, bla, bla... just post, o.k.?:angel2:... Read More

  1. by   chiapet
    California State University East Bay - 89%
  2. by   srg4784
    Florence Darlington Tech, SC 98% 160 students accepted annually (until this yr 128)
  3. by   NeuChrisRN
    93% pass rate
    Neumann College
    Aston, Pa
  4. by   superkyky
    Community College of Denver
    Around 75% pass rate.... bad eh...
  5. by   RNursingStudent
    100% pass rate past 3 years. Orangeburg-Calhoun Tech College, SC
  6. by   AuntieRN
    Horry Georgetown Tech has dropped to 81%...sure do hope I am in that percent.
  7. by   AnnaN5
    Lansing Community College
    NCLEX-RN 96%
    NCLEX-PN 100%
  8. by   ladyinred667
    Palm Beach Community College
    Class of '05 had 100% passing rate.
  9. by   tammiern
    Central Community College nebraska, grand Island campus 100% in 06 I passed with 75 ?'s as did several others. We also have two other campus, not sure what the pass rate is there.
  10. by   Tiffany_H2005
    My school is North Central Texas College.
    100% pass rate on NCLEX...hope I make it past this first semester!
  11. by   Veke-RN2B
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  12. by   btown annie
    St. Catharine College, 100% pass rate
  13. by   jennifers
    Bethel college, Mishawaka, IN 100% nclex Rn pass rate last 3 years