Is it AAOx3 or A&Ox3

  1. Just curious I used to write A&Ox3 last semester, this semester the teacher told us that it is AAOx3- just confused?!?!
    I looked on the boards here and it is written both ways
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  3. by   ashleypoo22
    Either way whoever reads that will know what it means. Go by what your teacher says though. I usually write A/Ox3, and I've seen nurses at the hospital during my clinicals write it this way.
  4. by   panzyo3
    Well AAOx3 equals awake, alert, and oriented to person, place, time. So it should be written AAOx3 or AA&Ox3.
  5. by   Meriwhen
    I use AOx3 and no one has ever had any problems figuring what it meant.
  6. by   jmgrn65
    well if your alert doesn't that make you awake? so why be redundant. Maybe it is regional but I have never see AAOx3 we usually write A&O x3.
  7. by   RochesterRN-BSN
    never heard of AA&Ox3 either--- I'm in upstate NY, maybe it is seems kinda weird really---you are assessing the level of orientation--weather the pt is awake or not is irrelavant and really doesn't it asume the pt. is awake as it is impossible to ask the pt anything to do the assessment if the pt. is sleeping!!
  8. by   DO_2014
    AAo x 3 means, "Awake, Alert, Oriented to Person, Place and Time"... Yes you can't be alert without being awake but you can be awake and not alert. Therefore your teacher is correct, you should write AAOx3. Don't take the short cuts! Your patient depends on you!
  9. by   OB-nurse2013
    I don't think its a short cut. If someone is awake and not alert then you would know because you obviously wouldn't be oriented to person, place, or time so its redundent. I've never heard that being used in any courses and never heard it used in clinical. I guess if I ever do hear it I will at least now know what they're talking about.
  10. by   Do-over
    I use A&Ox3, sometimes see folks use A&Ox4 with the "4th" being "situation".

    I think AAO is redundant - for me at least, if someone if sleeping I chart that they are sleeping.
  11. by   abiklags
    i say and write A&Ox3. alert & oriented times 3.
  12. by   NCRNMDM
    If I am abbreviating it, which I sometimes do, I write A&O x3 or A/O x 3. I have never seen it written AAO x 3. I think that both ways are acceptable, and I think that medical professionals would know what you meant no matter which of the two methods you used. For the purpose of clinical, you should go by what your instructor says just to keep yourself out of trouble. However, when you are making personal notes for yourself, or charting in the real world, use whichever one you like the best.
  13. by   Pneumothorax
    I usually write AAOx4 (awake ,alert oriented to person, place, time, situation)

    ya...sorry for throwing a wrench in all this lol.

    however ive seen it written CAOx3 (concious alert and oriented)
  14. by   CrimsonAlchemist
    We actually use A&OX4 for Alert and Oriented to person, place, time, and situation