Is anyone else feeling pressure about finding a job?

  1. Alright well final semester has started already and im sure everyones finding out that many got jobs over winter break and others like me might still be just starting. Is anyone else still looking or have you got your job already waiting? Also whens it time to start panicking since graduating is looming and the time is ticking?


    btw, i feel like ill be the only one in my class without a job by spring break
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  3. by   onduty23
    i graduated december . no job. waiting until i passed board. dont rush it
  4. by   Trauma_Queen
    Don't start freaking out or anything...I graduate in May and as far as I know in my area, most of the hospitals won't even start posting new grad jobs until February at the earliest because they're still dealing with the december grads...(and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, this is just what I've been told by most recruiters)

    Take your time and explore your options...Don't take a job just because you feel like time is running out..The right job will come to you!
  5. by   Clarise
    I am graduating in May and starting to freak a little bit. I have a lot to consider, b/c I have young children and need to think about daycare, summer daycare, days off, etc.

    Plus, I really want to specialize right out of school - so finding an entry level part-time RN position on a postpartum floor will NOT be easy. I am trying to get my certifications in place and talk to everyone I know who works at a hospital.

    Good Luck!
  6. by   NeosynephRN
    I am graduating in May also and all the recuiters around here do not want our apps until March...once they are done with the Dec grads! That being said I am sending them out in Feb...late Feb...but I am just freaking out a bit too!!! I also want my position by spring break...or at least have some interviews!!
  7. by   David's Harp
    Feeling some pressure, but not quite at freak-out level yet. I go on my first interview a week from Friday, have applied on-line there and several other places, but I don't think that the way I'm doing it is necessarily more/less "right" than waiting until passing the boards. I think my tendency is to wait too long on things in general, only to be caught flat-footed, so perhaps I'm overcompensating here. I'm also trying to time it so that I'm between waves of applicants, but I wouldn't be surprised if this just places me in another wave!

    As with all other aspects of nursing, everyone in the know differs on when and how to go about this, which probably indicates that there's no single right answer. I will have to say that at each stage in the game I get these twinges of fear, related to the sheer gravity of the field we're entering. I think it is something I need to move past; it's possible to stay in the "student" mindset too long and never move into the "professional" mindset, although I feel the latter involves forever being a learner.

    Okay, enough ranting from me!
  8. by   youknowho
    Here is my : I just graduated last month so I understand your anxiety BUT you really should be concentrating on the NCLEX first. Without that, any job you line up is void. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with looking and applying but don't stress. There are jobs and if you dont have one now or by spring break, its ok. Start doing practice questions and focus on NCLEX.
    Ok off soapbox now.
  9. by   fleur-de-lis
    Yikes, I have not even thought about a job yet, but then again I don't graduate til August. Any thoughts on when to start looking/applying? (I'm not worried about NCLEX, I'm a good test taker and kicked tail on the HESI predicter)
  10. by   Chaoticdreams33
    I just accepted a position that starts in June (I graduate in May). But I can't afford to not start ASAP after graduation, so that is why I started applying Mid-December. That, and I guess also because I am a bit Type A