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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   Nursebaby23
    [font=Comic Sans MS]Hi! My name is Tiffany and I'm 23 yrs. old. I completed LPN school in July 2003, and will be starting in January for ADN. I am excited about going back to school and advancing my nursing career . I am curios about what other people think about those who are trying to get into the nursing profession because they were laid off from previous jobs and want to make more money. Does this really bring in individuals whose "true calling" is nursing? I am from a small NC town that had mostly textile mills and agriculture until now. There are hardly any jobs. Any comments?
  2. by   saltydad
    Hi Tiffany-
    I'm 57 and in an ADN program. This is a career change for me. I had worked for a major health insurer for 15 years as a manager until over 1200 of us were laid off in a "downsizing". After almost 2 years I found another position as a manager of a garden center, until the company closde down 5 1/2 years later. Having been laid off twice is enough! I had been an Army medic in the late 60's, and then had worked for a few years as a "nursing tech" doing LPN level work, and as a dialysis tech. I'm finally in the career I want to stay in, and will match my commitment to anyone's. Best of luck in your program!
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  3. by   oreo75
    I'm Stacie

    I'm a nursing student in the UK studying in Canterbury, 29 years old. I've just started the second year which is the 4th sememster (nearly the end of the 4th one), with 5 more to go.

    I'm planning to work on a ward specialising in colorectal surgery, I also want to work in the US as think it would be good experience.
  4. by   baby_nurse_jenna
    HI! I'm Jenna, 23, single mom to Arielle Kaipo who is 2 and autistic... I am in the 1st of a 6 quarter ADN program, then I am transferring to University of WA to get my psychiatric nurse practitioner... so I can work with autistic kids like my dd!!!
  5. by   Antelope
    Hello.. I am John, and I just joined this forum. I just got my acceptance letter last week. I will be starting my ADN program on Jan 10th. I am super excited that I am finally going to be able to take nursing classes. I have all my other stuff done, and it is almost surreal now. I am enjoying the feeling of not having to always worry about when I will get into the program. I am sure I will have other stuff to worry about soon enough, but it is nice for the moment.

    Anyway, I am 27, live in WI, and have two, year old dogs(Jasper and Juniper), and four cats. (I have worked as a vet assistant for a few years, so they all get free medical.)
    You can see Jasper on my Avatar. <-----

    Just saying hi.. this seems like a good resource for info, and communication.
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  6. by   julygal24
    Hey Everyone.
    I am new to this site. My name is Stephanie and I'm 20 y.o, married for 4 months now and am just finishing up my first semester nursing courses. I am enrolled in Farmingdale State Universities 2 year nursing program. It is exciting but I am definitely stressed and doubt my abilities sometimes. My nursing professor tells me that she thinks I am going to be a great nurse, but I dont know... It is the only think I can see myself doing. It is the one thing that I have wanted to be. So I am going to work my tail to do the best I can and to make a difference.
    I just wanted to wish everyone good luck and feel free to write me.
    Stephanie G
  7. by   Good Doogie
    I'm Anna, I'm 30 years old and I am about to finish my first semester in a BSN program. I have been reading the posts on this board for a while, but been to BUSY to register :spin:
    I will graduate in exactly one year, but right now I am SOOOO looking forward to Christmas break!
  8. by   Danu
    Hi Everyone,

    I am Danu (aka Tina), 35 y/o mother of two teenagers (15 y/o girl - 14 y/o boy) and 1 husband...who sometimes acts worse than the

    I am working on a 2 year RN program and hope to graduate in May, 2005.

    Wish everyone the best and good luck to all.

  9. by   **********-RN
    Wow, I'm 49 yrs old married mother of one. I'm in my first semester of Nursing school. I visit here often to see if how I am feeling is normal! The stress is unbelievable at my school. We have finals this week and all the younger ones are really freaking out. I calculated my grades and I can get a 47 on the final exam and still pass fundamentals! That took alot of stess off me, but I am still going to do my best! My friends are taking me out to night to dinner so I can relax before the drug dosage test. Wish me luck! Barbiebabe
  10. by   meintheUSA
    You will do fine.... I am amazed at the younger generation.... I had been out of school 35 years before I decided to be certified as nurses assistant, and the younger classmates were really something.... I never studied so hard myself, but passed my class with 94%.... In my case, You CAN teach an older dog new tricks....LOL Have fun tonight....
  11. by   Love-A-Nurse

    to all new posters, welcome, much continued success in your endeavors!
  12. by   SteWA
    I am starting torward my adn this fall, im currently in Iraq working my way out. Can't wait to get started.

    Thats about it
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  13. by   kukitty
    My name is Molly. I'm 26, mother of two kitties, Gracie and Bubba! I have a bachelor's in Human Development, Gerontology from KU, a nursing home administrator's license and I'm hoping to start ADN school in Aug. 2005. (as you can see by my name, I'm wait-listed!) I'll find out in Feb. if I got in. I discovered when I got into the field, that I wanted to care for people, and administration was not at all what I had imagined. So much pressure to cut already short staff in order to keep to the bottom line. Not at all the caring profession I had envisioned. My mom is a nurse, and had encouraged me to look into nursing. I did, and I was hooked! Wish me luck; it's great to see everyone here!
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