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  1. OBRNinTN

    Student Nurses Association? Whos In It?

    Hi, I'm a member of SNA at my school as well. We are the new group, since all of the officers just graduated. I am in my next to last semester in school. This year for freshman orientation we furnished doughnuts and juice, and answered lots and lots of questions! We have also sold t-shirts, and do a lot of charity work. It's very well supported in my school. I think it's a good thing to be involved in, we have a pretty good time!
  2. OBRNinTN

    major distance from home to school

    I drive 50 miles a day. 25 both ways.
  3. OBRNinTN

    How many of us are 25 - 35 yrs. old?

    I'm 34. I'll be 35 when I graduate.
  4. OBRNinTN

    Seniors - putting out feelers for jobs?

    I'd be interested in finding out too! I graduate May 2006 as well. And, unfortunately, (or fortunately I suppose) I will be movng away afterwards...so I really have no clue as to when I should start communicating w/potential hospitals. Sometimes I think I know what I want to do...but there are so many possibilities. I am interested in so many areas. I love critical care, but I also fell in love w/L & D over the summer during my externship. Hopefully in these last 2 semesters of school there will be some guidance from intructors on how to approach the job market. Manna, I see you're from Mississippi. I'm originally from West Tennessee. Will be going back w/my family after graduation. What part of Mississippi do you live in?
  5. OBRNinTN

    Fall '05, what are you taking???

    I'm taking....eek!...yet another med/surg class, peds, and the long dreaded, put off until the next to last semester...speech class.
  6. OBRNinTN

    New Grad L&D Nurse! Any others out there?

    Welcome! I sincerely hope to a be a new grad in L & D come May 2006! I'm very interested to hear about your experiences!
  7. OBRNinTN

    Question for Chicago area nurses

  8. OBRNinTN

    Seniors in the House

    May 2006 for me too! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. OK guys, I tried to read through all the posts...because I'm sure my ?'s are answered in there somewhere...I didn't get through them all...so here goes. First of all...this is a great idea, making this a sticky..and the fact that the OB nurses on the boards are willing to answer all these questions! Here is my thing... I just finished an externship at a LDRP unit...and I absolutely loved it. I am moving as soon as I get out of nursing school (in the spring 2006), so I will have to apply at new, unfamiliar hospitals. Are there any extra things I can do to make myself more marketable for an OB job? We do our preceptorships in our last semester...but of course there is no guarantee I will get OB, it's a pretty sought after spot. I've head that nurse managers consider where you precepted, among other things when hiring new grads. Should I do anything extra...I mean w/in my scope...take classes? Or, do they even consider anything like that? I didn't realize I would react as passionately to OB as I did this summer. I really, really, enjoyed it. It actually wouldn't kill me to start in another area of nursing, but I do want to give OB my first shot. Sigh, if we were staying here, I have an almost guaranteed job where I externed! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  10. OBRNinTN

    Why don't nursing schools offer ICU electives?

    Wow...that sounds good. Does anyone know of any of these types of distance programs in the states?
  11. OBRNinTN

    Starting nursing school in aug. need advice

    There was a girl pg in our second semester, and she completed it and did fine!
  12. OBRNinTN

    Is it too soon to make change?

    I echo the above posters...I say go for it...apply for the L & D position.
  13. OBRNinTN

    Do you sometimes get grossed out at clinicals?

    :) Hee hee!
  14. OBRNinTN

    I'm going to ask....

    Thanks guys for the good advice. Last night I spent a verrrry loooong time going back through the posts in the career/advice forum while watching the news. I found some really great suggestions. I will probabaly contact the local hospitals next spring and see what their hiring process is. The resume/interview thread is great. I never even considered the "thank-you" note after an interview. That is a good idea. Anyway, thanks for the words of encouragement.
  15. OBRNinTN

    Do you sometimes get grossed out at clinicals?

    You know, my first GI bleed in clinical made my stomach do somersaults. Something about squatting on the floor, with my stick in a bloody hat trying to get a hemacult (it was EXTREMELY obvious to @ least 4 of my senses it was positive...so why was I doing this? ) sort of made me gag...so I would say yeah...it's pretty normal. 10 GI bleeds later, it isn't pleasant...but the nausea is gone...so far at least! Yuck!! I can't believe I actually typed that!
  16. OBRNinTN

    I'm going to ask....

    possibly a very stupid question...but, here goes. When applying for nursing jobs as a new grad, do you actually apply for certain positions open in the hospital...or do you just put in an application as a nurse and choose from what is offered? I'm asking because I have some definite interests, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to apply for only the areas I am interested in or what. Some hospitals hire new grads into all areas, and some want experience. I'm not finished with school yet, and I have found out that my husband will be transferred to another city right after I graduate. I know the hospital where I work now as an extern and have made some good contacts, and even been invited to come back and work on my floor as an RN...but as a brand new nurse in a different city...I'm just not sure how to go about getting that first job. Sorry if I asked a question with an obvious answer...but my brain is fried!