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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   Chickp
    Hello all!

    My name is Paula. I am 36 years old. Married w/ a 13 year old daughter.

    This is my first semester of nursing school. I am doing an ADN program.
    I am already a bit overwhelmed!!!!
    I have Patho this semester along w/ my clinicals. I have completed all of my name pre-reqs, with the exception of ethics.

    I look fwd to coming to these boards for support and much needed encouragement, as well as giving it!!!

    Best wishes to all!

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  2. by   Diva Nurse Dani
    Hi. I'm Danielle. I'm 33...(will be 34 next month) I am not married, have no children, and am just starting an ADN which I plan to finish Spring 2005. I am currently working as a CNA and I am doing a complete career change. If anyone wants to cry with a fellow student , please feel free to email me at

    Otherwise, I will be checking in from time to time for encouragement for myself!

    Be Blessed!!!
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  3. by   CrazyNurseD
    I am 20yrs old... Soon to be 21 in Oct... YEAH!! I am in my last year of nursing school. I am currently in my Maternity rotation and loving it so far... I can't wait to be an RN. I hope to continue school and become a midwife. I am not married I have no kids. I have a dog, Ferris, he is my baby. I am in a relationship and have been for 5yrs.. very serious.. I guess thats about it..

  4. by   CaliNurs06
    Hey everyone!
    Im 20yrs old living in Sunny SoCal that will start a BSN program in the Fall. I am very excited to start the nursing process so I can offically call myself a "nursing student"!! My ambition to be a nurse did not begin when I was a little girl (like most people) but only two years ago when I realized the PreDental was not the major for me (I dont know how people could look at teeth for the rest of their lives...YUCK!!).
    Anyways, I absolutely llllooooovvvvveeeee this website and reading everyones comments excites/scares me to start nursing school, but I know every minute as a "nursing student" will be worth it!!

    Thanks everyone and good luck to everybody!!!
  5. by   LilRedRN1973
    Hi!! I'm Melanie, 29 year old full time stepmom to two, a 4 year old girl and 7 year old boy. I just entered into the ADN program at my local community college after being on the alternate list all summer long (talk about stress!!!). If all goes well, I should be graduating in May of 2005. It took me a long time to get here and although I'm a bit overwhelmed, I refuse to fail at this. I have always wanted to work in a career that enabled me to help others and after finding out that teaching was not for me, decided on nursing. I'm looking forward to the next 18 months with both excitement and trepidation!!
  6. by   proud2basn
    hi, my name is jennifer. i am 21 & married and am in my 1st yr of an ADN program in Illinois. i have all of my prereqs out of the way except for microbiology which i am in right now. if any seasoned nursing student could share any tips that would be helpful i would be eternally grateful!

    Thank You!!!!
  7. by   duf
    Hi, I'm Nicola. 23 years old, mother of one. Going into third year of general nursing course... Hope to graduate in Oct 2004!
  8. by   Catma63
    I'm Shirley, age 40 and mom of four sons...ages 20, 19, and 7 year old twins. I am in my first semester of a two year RN program, having finished prereq's earlier. This semester I've got A & P 1, Pharmacology 1, Health Assessment, Nursing Fundamentals, and clinicals. God willing, I'll be 42 when I graduate......oy!
    House hasn't been properly dusted in three weeks.
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    welcome to all!
  10. by   kayelle
    Hello, I'm in my 3rd semester, 23 yo, single, graduate May 2004 with ADN, then May 2005 with BSN (already taking the BSN classes). Nice to be here and meet all of you!

  11. by   Bunky1960
    Hola! I'm David a 43 yo single living in Washington, DC capitalizing on the time since leaving my job this summer by finishing the pre reqs Dec. 03 for a second degree BSN program. I'm willing to move to start a 1 year program this spring and have applied to Jefferson and Drexel in Philadelphia as well as Barry Univ. in Fl and George Mason Univ here. Any ideas?
  12. by   Melissadgrn
    Hello, all!

    I'm Melissa, a 34 year old full time staff nurse on med/surg, part time RN-BSN student, mother of a 12 year old daughter who has her plate as full as mine, own 3 cats and a dog and feel most of the time that I am losing my mind.

    I entered this forum as part of a class assignment, but think I will really enjoy the information and friendship it supplies.

  13. by   chichesterj
    hi my name is jessica i have just started nursing school three weeks ago, i am doing a 10 month lpn program, and then i am going on to be an rn i have a 7 month old daughter. any study or other school tips would be great.