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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   KK7724
    Good Idea,
    My name is Kristina. I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore BSN student in Montgomery, AL. I am from Mobile, AL and I miss it a lot! I am 3 hrs away from my family. I start upper division, actual nursing school Fall 2003. I'm excited but SCARED!!!!! I have good grades, but I 'm scared nursing school is going to chew me up and spit me out the way the instructors talk! I think I want to do Labor and Delivery. I'm addicted to Maternity Ward on TLC. I also have to work at least part-time to support myself through school. If there is anyone out there that is in my situation and has some advice, or just some general study tips for survival during nursing school, please talk to me!
  2. by   RN2Bee
    Hi my name is Linda. I am 47 married and have 5 children. I am in my second semester of clinicals. I only have 1 more prereq. to take. I found last semseter grueling, but got through it somehow. My oldest daughter just graduated with her MBA and my second daughter is graduating with BA in communications( she is deaf so this a really big accomplishment).
    They both felt the need to quit at some time, but I urged them on. Right now I wish I had that support for myself. I am just getting over pnuemonia and a big failing grade on my first exam. I want to continue but now I am fearful of failing the entire semsester.If you have any words of wisdom or thoughts on how to manage the semester PLEASE feel free to email me any time I wish everyone much luck on this board and my prayers are with you.
  3. by   RedVaz
    I'm 29, married with 3 kids-11, 10, & 4 yrs old! I'm waiting on pins and needles for my acceptance letter. I'm currently finishing my last semseter of prerequisites before transferring to finish my last 2 years of my BSN. The wait is killing me! :-)
  4. by   PowerPuffGirl
    I somehow missed the introduction thread... so here goes, a little late.

    I'm 26, in a committed relatonship, no kids, but thinking about getting a kitten, and am currently anxiously awaiting an acceptance letter from an 18 month LPN program. I have my application in, pre-reqs taken, transcripts provides, background check, physical, vaccinations, PPD test, and my interview is very soon. I've been told I will recieve the letter within a week of the interview, so it sounds like the interview of more of a formality. Still, I'm nervous.

    I currently work with at-risk teenagers, for a non profit agency. We have drop out intervention,; self esteem/leadership development; crisis counseling; support groups; HIV counseling, testing, & education, etc. I'm used to crisis situations and high stress!

    Anyhow, glad to be here, and delighted that this forum exists.
  5. by   career seeker
    I have been spending the past few days wondering if I should really go through with it and go into the nursing program. Reading about all of you has truely inspired me! Thank you!

    I am a 25 year old with a 14 month old daughter and a wonderful husband. I decided not to attend college out of highschool and instead spent the past 8 years traveling.

    A few years ago I took an EMT class to join the local volunteer ambulance service and became hooked on medicine.
    When my daughter was born I gave up a well paying job as the Operations manager of a million dollar resort (in 4 years I workd up from a housekeeper) and took a job as a medical assistant at the rural clinic.

    I have always wanted to further my career and am enroling in the nursing program at the university of alaska. I have to get some pre-rec's out of the way first.

    Much luck to all of you in your studies and thank you for your inspiring stories

  6. by   Nurse2bSandy
    Hi all! My name is Sandy and I am finishing my prereq's this semester, planning to start a 23 month BSN program in the fall of 2003. I am 46 and have been married for 27 years... I chose marriage over nursing school and it's taken me this long to get back to it.
    We have 3 kids, a 24 yo son, a 15 yo daughter and an 8 yo special needs son... all of our kids are gifts by adoption. Our youngest is autistically impaired and has bipolar disorder. Working with him has encouraged me towards psych nursing.

    I've spent some time here and already have gotten some great tips for school. Good luck to all of us!

  7. by   emmybsu
    Hello, my name is Emily. I have been on the boards for a couple months now. Just reading posts, seeing how everyone thinks of nursing and stuff like that!

    I have worked as a CNA for 7 years, an exercise physiologist for a year or so, and a pharmacy technician for 2 years now. I am almost finished with my prereqs. I finishing microbiology right now and just waiting to see if my application is going to be approved for the accelerated nursing program. If so, I will graduate in December 2004. woohoo!!!

    I have been living with someone for 2 years. Got engaged the Thursday before Christmas. I also have a puppy dog. His name is Chap. He is a rat terrier full of energy!!

    That is all about me. I look forward to meeting people on here and hearing about their experiences here in nursing!!
  8. by   KathyK.
    Hello to all! I've been checking out this site for awhile. This seems like a good time to introduce myself. I'm 31 and the mother of a soon-to-be 11 year old daughter. I began taking my pre-reqs. last fall on a part-time basis on my way to my ADN.
    I work as in an accounting department for a wholesale distributor during the day and take my classes at night.

    I grew up very close to the University of Maryland and my parents rented out apartments to nursing students. I was inspired by these men and women, and I always knew I would be a nurse also. Unfortunately, I was side tracked for a few years, but now I am determined.
  9. by   illeniccup
    Hello, to everyone. My name is Kimberli, I'm 38 (but not for long!), and a mother of four. I am new to this site, not a nursing student yet, but hope to be one of these years! I've completed my prereqs for our local ADN program and am trying to keep up on nursing while I am waiting to be able to afford to quit work and go to school. (Plus I want my babies to be a little older.) Anyway, it is great to see so many of us "seasoned" students out there...I was always afraid of being too old to go back to school. Ciao!
  10. by   Heath82371
    Hey there. I too am new to this site and to the field of nursing. I am taking my pre-reqs (A&P) right now. I already have a Masters degree in clinical psychology and I work as a clinician on an inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit. My husband is in a RN and is currently in a CRNA program. I am excited about nursing but scared that I may not get into the BSN program of my choice. I am really interested in a 1 year BS to BSN preferbly a program here in the south. Any suggestions?
  11. by   Love-A-Nurse
    to all new comers and to those who recently posted to this thread, hello and all the best to each of you!
  12. by   perfectbluebuildings
    Hey all, I am Rachel, 19 yrs old, a second year nursing student starting first clinicals in less than 2 weeks and terrified, that I will actually be sticking needles in people instead of hot dogs and rubber arms! but somewhere inside all that scaredness, I'm also hopeful (I think )
  13. by   EE2NP
    Hello, my name is Walt. I am happily married with five kids, four grandkids and a mini dauchshund. I am an electrical engineer and my background is electrical engineering and physics. I specialize in the design of radars.

    I have worked in aerospace for almost thirty years and I plan to retire in about six or seven years. Between now and then I will pursue the ADN/RN to BSN to MSN track with the goal of eventually becoming an NP of some sort.

    My company will pay for all of my education prior to retirement. Working in some rural setting, or maybe visiting people in their homes is something I'd like to look into further. I'm not sure yet. Also, I am very interested in Medical Missionary Nursing and hopefully will have an opportunity to do some of that as well. Good luck to all and God Bless.