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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   notawaitress
    I'm josephine, just graduated from a LPN program and plan on going on for my RN starting this summer. I'm a late starter, 41, mother of 3, aged 23, 21, 18. I cant wait to get started! Good luck all!
  2. by   HollymedicRN
    Hi everyone, I'm Holly. I'm 29 and in a transition course to ADN. I've been a paramedic for 5 years. I'll be graduating in May of 2007. I'm married and have one daughter.
  3. by   timinchrist
    Hi! Lots of women here! So, I think I'll take this opportunity to say hi and I am a 52 y/o male just starting my pre-reqs and planning to be in the nursing program the fall of next year.
    Looking forward to the new challenges and I have already enjoyed reading the posts here.
  4. by   schwieterman
    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I just joined last night and am very happy that I did. Lots of information all in one place. I am next wednesday finishing my first semester.
  5. by   mysterious_one
    timinchrist, kudos to you , to go for a new carrier. I am 42 and just started over last year, I have been accepted finally this fall to a ADN nursing programm in Dallas. Good luck on all your prereqs.
  6. by   mysterious_one
    Quote from MS. ICANDOIT
    30 y/o with a 10 y/o daughter and one on the way (got my acceptance letter and a positive pregnancey test ON THE SAME DAY) I ain't giving up:angryfire !!! I will have 4 days to rest after delivery and then back to school. Thank GOD for LABOR DAY, literally in my case. Spent lots of time at a 4yr school on the "waiting/let me take more of your money list" and finally decided to switch to an ADN program to get on with it. I start on MONDAY! I wish EVERYONE GOOD LUCK and I can't wait to pick everyone's brain.
    wow ,you got some determination, good luck. I was a nurse in GErmany, 15 years ago. When i came over here, they didn't accept my degree, I got pregnant and put it off to pursue a degree here. NOw i am finally back in School , have to start over again , of course. But i am not giving up now ,lol.
  7. by   99.99%
    Hi everyone, I joined this morning and I love the forum this far. I am 24yo, male, single, will be finishing my BSN in December 2006. I can wait to graduate and move on.
  8. by   judykay
    Hi! I am Judy and I am an LPN that has been out for a long time. Trying to get back on board, but finding a lot of walls. Does anyone have any advice for me. I am the mother of 4 and the grandmother of 18, but i feel like i am 22. Where has my life gone???????? But, I am very happy and want to go to work. No more babies and only one husband LOL.
  9. by   nnayr
    Hi guys and gals! I'm Ryann, 28 yrs. old, single. I study nursing here in the Philippines and just started taking this course last year. I will be in my 3rd year this school year. I graduated my first course as an Industrial Engineer.

    I noticed that almost all members here are from the US. I still haven't seen any member from my country yet. Still, it's very nice to be a new member here. I'm very excited to be a registered nurse soon!
  10. by   HeavenBound0530
    I'm a young one, only 19. I'll start my first semester of nursing in fall 2006 at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC), so I' kinda nervous and excited at the same time. Not married but have a boyfriend of 2 years so i kinda feel like i am, not kids either unless my dog counts. Hope to be talking with alot of you soon!!!

  11. by   azhiker96
    I am 47 and in block 2 of an ADN program in Phoenix. It's a career change but I'm really looking forward to the change.
  12. by   JaxiaKiley
    Hey everyone -- I'm 27 yr old and I live near Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. I'm taking my pre-reqs right now and hope to start a nursing program in the Spring. This is a career change for me, and I am really looking forward to it. The programs are all really competitive around here, so I am trying to make all A's to help my chances of getting in. It's stressful, but I think it will be worth it!!
  13. by   chiynadol
    Hi everyone,
    I just made it over to this forum yesterday, I am 26 with a husband and two kids boy(5), girl(3) and I will start the nursing program May 10th 2006. I am sooooo excited. Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!!!