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Hi everyone... I am feeling kind of low and not sure I am meant to be in nursing anymore. We had our second day of clinicals at a nursing home yesterday, and while I felt like I could talk to my... Read More

  1. by   opalmRN
    Originally posted by Rayrae
    b/c sometimes I am too sensitive and selfish which are NOT good qualities for a nurse.
    Just have to reply to this part of your post.

    "Sometimes" is not the same as "all the time."

    Being sensitive is most certainly an asset. Falling apart under daily rigors is different.

    Being selfish is also an asset. Making time for yourself is an absolute must to keep yourself at your best. Doing "your own thing" at someone else's expense is different.

    Only you know what is in your heart when it comes to pursing a career. Keep that in mind and let no one else override your intuition.

    I'm rooting for you,
  2. by   webbiedebbie
    Rayrae...don't be afraid to ask for help. In the "real" world, we still ask for help, especially if someone is too heavy to lift by ourselves! Each day will get better because you will learn to prioritize your "procedural things". Remember, you are still learning but the learning never stops. That's why I enjoy nursing. You will do fine. Believe in yourself.
  3. by   clhsunfire
    I felt the same way when I first started clinical- I was so nervous. I felt like I had to do everything right. Now i am goingto graduate in May 2003 and I feel more comfortable around patients and not as much intimidates me anymore like it used too. And hey I had a clinical instructor that gave me a 400 pound patient with cellulitis- had to put cream on her legs underneath- HA HA I am only 5'2" and 115 pounds- that was a load for me. I had a student help me out, but my clinical instructor still yelled at me for not taking on my own responsibilites( even though she said we should ask for help when we need it). Anyway, don't get disappointed and learn as much as you can. It's a great experience to be a nurse, b/c you can give a lot to the patient. Being a patient many times myslef in the hospital, I can tell you that you will like the nurse who has the nice personality, the one that says hello, asks if u need anyting, talks to u when u need to talk to someone, listens, laughs, smiles, and just says positive things to make you feel good. Thats the kind of person it takes to be a nurse- a dedicated loving and caring sole. Ignore the negative comments you hear and be positive. Remember always smile!

  4. by   perfectbluebuildings
    thanks christine!!
  5. by   SingingNurse2
    Originally posted by Nurse2bSandy
    Hey, Rayrae...
    I just want to encourage you to keep going. Way back when I started nursing school I dropped out because I was intimidated by the procedures that I needed to do in the clinicals. I was 18 and very naive... and my first job was personal care of an 80 year old man... fully developed! He loved the showers! Anyway, I soon felt that I wasn't cut out for nursing and accepted a marriage proposal.
    I have spent the past years happily married and the mother of 3, but always disappointed that I didn't fulfill my goal of nursing. I am now back to it and really looking forward to clinicals. My life experiences at this point will really help... but so will the knowledge that they will be rotations and I will rotate through all of them. By the time I graduate, I will know where I am to be as a nurse.
    Hey Nurse2bSandy! I just had to write because our stories are so alike. I too dropped out of nursing school because I was too young to handle the stress of it and got married! I will be taking my pre-reqs this fall and starting back to nursing school fall of '04 at the age of 36 and I can't wait!
  6. by   RNIAM
    Hey there. I just wanted to say that it's ok not to be quickest in the delivery of care. Do the best you can. the effort you give is more important to your instructors than the speed in which you do something. If this is something you truly want then keep on going and good luck.