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OK, I've been out of school now for almost two weeks now and I am soooooo bored!! I'm excited about tomorrow being Christmas, but lets get on with school!! I am so used to studying (that's "have... Read More

  1. by   Bonnie Blue
    Well, I'm not bored. I am sooo happy to off from school. I have seen Lord of the Rings twice, and Monsters Inc. I'm going to rent videos of movies my friends have recommended. I finished one book from a stack, none of which have anything to do with nursing! I'm trying to clean, do laundry, work-out and spend time with my cat. I am trying to treasure this time because come Jan. 7, it all starts again.
  2. by   Whisper
    I am starting to think I may not have been as bored as I thought I was!

    Today I sat down and started checking some work that has to be in after Chirstmas, as well as starting revising. However I didn't get much revising done, instead I read four Harry Potter Books, and I was going to go see Lord of the Rings, but they were sold out so I was forced to watch Harry Potter again

    I'll get some revision done tomorrow instead, It is a bit late to start tonight! Yet I still want to be back at uni, (I live at Uni, away from home) and I miss having people to work with, or talk about a specific teachers notes with

    Sorry this drifted a bit off topic, but I am still bored, I am even missing one of my lecturers who calls us all stupid for wanting to be nurses! instead of 'real' scientists!!

    Okay...Here endeth the rant!
  3. by   eventsnyc
    Dec 26 was our last class for the fall semester. We will be on vacation until late Jan. Lots of things to do during the break: see family and friends that I had abandoned since last January, clean up my closets and papers, prepare tax returns...etc. Would rather be in school, LOL.

    Happy New Year all!
  4. by   Mkue
    I'm not bored actually but I am out of the routine of classes. My kids are on break so it is nice to see them more and I've been actually studying some.

    Would rather just get through the program as quick as possible, Don't hate me guys I'm all for breaks and I know you all deserve a break!