I need study ideas!

  1. Hi everyone, I'm feeling pretty dang blue, as I just found out I failed my microbio midterm! I have 2 children and feel extremely guilty that I am not the mom, I used to be. Last semester, I ate, drank, breathed A & P, so this semester I have tried to be a more "normal" mom (you know, not taking off evenings and weekends to go study). Well you can see the results! Can any of you with children give me some ideas of how you guys manage to do the 'juggle'? What are some study specifics~ details please! Heather:imbar
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  3. by   Angella Walker
    Are you understanding the material that is lectured on? I took micro last semester and my problem was that I tried to memorize the material and not understand it. I couldn't effectively apply the material on an exam. Changed my style of studying real quick.

    I am the mother of 5 (2 foster kids) and have managed to keep my grades up while working and going to school full time.

    I make it a priority to spend time with the kids and husband. On the weekends, I always take the kids to a place (like Chuck E Cheese or Skating) where I can study while they are having fun. My husband is always a good "study break".

    If you are feeling overwhelmed, reduce your credit load.

    Failing one test is not the end of the world!! Keep your chin up!

  4. by   renerian
    I ate lived and breathed every classs. I just made that choice. My kids survived just fine. Don't feel guilty for doing something you want and need to do to ensure a good living for you and your family. It will be worth it. Don't feel bad about flunking your test just study hard next time. I am sure you will be fine. Don't let anyone else goat you into feeling bad about not being there 24/7 for your kids.

  5. by   llg
    Originally posted by Angella Walker
    Are you understanding the material that is lectured on? I took micro last semester and my problem was that I tried to memorize the material and not understand it. I couldn't effectively apply the material on an exam. Changed my style of studying real quick.
    I love Angella's suggestion about focusing on understanding rather than memorizing. The higher you get within the educational system, the more important it is to go beyond the mere memorization of facts.

    In beginning nursing classes, the focus is in on interpreting information and applying it to actual situations. Beyond that (upper division courses and graduate level classes), the focus continues to increase in complexity to focus on things like critiquing, evaluating, and the creation of new knowledge.

    Are there any resources (student services, friendly faculty member, etc.) that can help you identify what you are doing wrong in your approach to learning the material? Does the school have a tutoring program?

  6. by   Rhoresmith
    I had a 88 73 74 90 on my Bio test so far the 73 & 74 had me very upset because I felt I knew the material and this teachers test are HARD all his questions are designed so that you know and appy the material. You have to read the questions over and the answer also. It took me two bad grades to figure that out. So make SURE you know and can apply the material. What are you childrens ages? I have 20,16,12 which should be easier but the are more trouble sometimes but the one thng is children are much more recelliant that you can even imagine. If you spend a short amount of time with them that is QUAILITY not QUANITY that counts take them somplace fun for a couple of hours and give them your undivided attn and they will be happy Good LUck

  7. by   Dublin37
    I am having a hard time pinpointing my prob. In lab, anything hands on, I do great. During the lectures, I feel like I almost always understand completely. The book is difficult, but very well written, I understand that. It seems tho, that my prof speaks (lectures) in "pieces" of info, then on the exam expects us to synthesize the pieces into "new" info. Does that make sense? On the exam, a lot of his questions seemed to be on unimportant tidbits. Example, if the rod was neg., pos. curved. During his lecture and book reading, it was NOT emphasized. We had so much to memorize. I felt sooo ready for the exam, and poop, did terrible! I am getting a D now in the class and may have to retake. So.......all ideas, suggestions are greatly appreciated Heather
  8. by   llg
    It seems to me that you are doing a good job of thinking through the "what's the exact problem." That's a big step in solving the problem. From your most recent post, it sounds like it's the volume of memorization that may be what's hurting you.

    Pure memorization (without meaning) was always my biggest problem. I can understand anything and usually did well on application tests, etc. ... but I always struggled with the pure memorization of facts, figures, names, etc. Fortunately, in the real world, you don't need that skill very often. I remember what I use regularly. If I don't use it, I forget it and look it up later if I need to.

    Sometimes, it would help me to memorize things if I could organize the inforation into some framework that had meaning for me. Then, by remembering the organizing framework, I could "fill in the details." For example, can you group the organisms into "families" with similar traits? Word associations, word games, etc. can help, too.

    I'd like to give you more examples, but I don't remember any from my school days. That was a long time ago -- and that's the type of information I never used in my practice and have long since forgotten. Perhaps some friendly upper classmen can share their tricks for memorizing the content.

    Good luck,
  9. by   FutureNurse2005
    You need to do what it takes to pass! If this is something you want badly, your family will support you. yes, the kids will probably notice that mom is extra busy, but I know that they will appreciate it when they are older!

    I've already told my hubby to prepare for the worst! lol Late nights, mac and cheese, crying, and much time away from home (placements and study sessions). He is supportive of my choice to go to school, lol, but I dont think he realizes just how much work this is going to be!

    Anyway, back to you!
    Why not take 1 weeknight and 1 weekend day (afternoon or whatever) and have quality time with the family. I'd say to keep it light for the weeknight, maybe dinner out?

    Good luck to you!
  10. by   Dublin37
    I know I need to put in more hours, that's for sure. How do you all study? What helps you the most? Heather
  11. by   Rhoresmith
    I read the chapter before the lecture if I can, then I take notes like a fiend in this class my teacher says he trys to give us the information so that we can understand but the test come from the textbook company with a few of his added. So I take the book and go paragraph by paragraph and match it to his notes to understand that part and then I go over the things he didnt cover cause it seems like they always throw in some real inane tidbit in the test, and most points in the text only have one or two questions on them so if I just can't get it I skip and go on to the next part I figure missing one or two questions is better than getting so stressed on that one I don't understand that I mess up more Does this make sense ? Does this help you?

  12. by   renerian
    I used to tape lectures and alot of us did. I hear now though that they don't want to or won't let you do that anymore. I used to listen to the tapes while I layed in bed. I also highlighted my book. I took very good notes.

  13. by   Mithrah
    Microbio is hard!! I usually get As and Bs but I got Ds on my tests in that class. I don't know why that material is so hard to understand. The only thing that got me a B in the class was the final. The professor had 100 questions on the test and we got to choose the 75 we wanted to answer.

    My intermediate algebra class was curved. I was getting Ds in that class! But thank goodness for the curve.

    I heard that universities are doing away with the curve. Is this true? None of my nursing classes curve and the min. grade to pass is a 76%.

    My only advise for micro is to see a tutor. I have heard wonderful things about them! Good luck! Everyone on this message board supports you.
  14. by   Dublin37
    Thanks so much for detailed study ideas. Last semester in A & P, we had tutored groups that were wonderful, and totally helped me pass with a C+. But in Microbio, there isn't one. You can't get a tutor through the school unless you're carrying a full load which I'm not. I don't know about a private tutor. I used to tape my classes last semester, but they would just pile up because it would take hours to go through each class. And I found them to just make me tune out, I'd be somewhere else, what I should make for dinner, gee I should vacuem that etc. It just didn't work for me. I do highlight reading, and take notes on them. I try to re-write my notes, which helped, but I didn't keep up on them. I like your idea on exams Rhonda, about moving on so as not to get too stressed out on what you don't know. I will try that. This teacher does have a curve, an emmense curve! I have never been in a class with a curve before, I'm so happy he does, but I still suck. And when I was in University (a different major) I NEVER saw a curve, not once, whether it was a GE class or upper level class in my major. So I just about danced when I saw his curve. It saved me with the first exam, but the midterm, I was just too low. Although because of his curve, I was only 6 pts from a C, but miles from a B.
    You guys are wonderful! Inch by inch.....