I just got the sweetest gift!

  1. And it has given me the extra boost I needed to keep on trucking with my pre-reqs!
    Yesterday in the mail, I got a card from the post office to go pick up a package. I went last night and when I opened it (I swear i'm still crying) I could not believe my eyes. A very good friend of mine bought me a Lladro figurine! A Nurse! I was/am stunned! First off, those pieces are mucho $$$, and second of all, I am not even in Nursing school yet! It just amazes me that she has that much faith in me

    After crying for about an hour on the phone with her, I hit the books again and I got a lot done. It felt great!

    Anyway, so now that I have a stunning Nurse figurine staring me in the face (maybe I will carry it with me everywhere?? ) I have major incentive to excel in my pre-reqs and to get into nursing school and to graduate! Now, its not only myself who cares how I do, my very best friend is on my side and rooting for me!

    God, I cant wait. Its just killing me having to wait! I just want to be in school already!

    I just wanted to share and hope that all is well with everyone!
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  3. by   altomga
    That is wonderful!!! What a great friend you must have!
    Keep hitting those books.....you'll graduate before you know it!
  4. by   GraceyB
    What a great support you have in your friend! That is absolutely wonderful.
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  6. by   iliel
    That's so awesome!!! It really is the little things in life!
    When I was leaving my dental assisting job a few months back, some of the girls bought me one of thoes charm bracelets (Nominations) one of the links has a nurses cap on it. i wear it to remind myself why I'm working so hard right now!
  7. by   rnnurse2be
    I have a friend like that. She'll bring over dinner for my family when she knows things are tough with school, or my mom in law will take the boys overnight...

    The support system you have will help you get through!
  8. by   Mithrah
    You are so lucky to have a great friend who believes in you. I didn't know what a lladro figurine looked like so I did a search. Is this what it looks like?