I have been accepeted

  1. To LPN school. I will keep this option open in case I don't get into The ADN program. I have applied to three schools. I was waiting for my final grades in Chemistry and Agebra . I got a B in Chemistry and a C in Algebra. I am so glad that that is over. I really enjoyed Chemistry but as you can see from my grades I flibbed the Agebra. I still passed but i am not happy with the grade. I have been told by both of the schools I applied to that all I needed was a C. I am excited. This plan has been in the works for a long time. I also made a big decision about working. I am focusing solely on school. My husband is working two jobs ,so that we can manage and my job is to get good grades and pass the boards. Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   subec
  4. by   Forevermomof5
    It's always good to hear good news!

    Congrats! :hatparty: :kiss
  5. by   abby27
    I am also terrible in algebra! I finally got my C in it this semester(after taking it 3 times)! So now I feel like I really am on my way to being a nurse! I'm applying to nursing school in January!!
  6. by   RNIAM
    The dreaded Algebra! I never had to endure a tougher subject. I was ok until he started talking trinomials...egads what a dreadfull course. Well at least we can focus on the future. I can finally stop driving my husband nuts. I must have told him 90 times that I failed algebra, only to find out that I passed.We will make great nurses. Thanks to all for the congrats!
  7. by   nursedawn67
    congratulations! :hatparty:

  9. by   peaceful2100
    CONGRATULATIONS :hatparty:
  10. by   promises
    Hi Rhona,

    Congratulations! I also wanted to share that I got a letter from the school yesterday. I praise and thank God because I was accepted!!!!! God bless to all of us who's just starting!!!!
  11. by   icudavis
    Congrats!!! I am so happy for you! I start my RN pre-licensure program August 26th! Just hope I am able to do well, graduate, and get to work!!

    "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault." James 1:5
  12. by   Padawan-Nurse
    The force is strong with you, young one...
    Congs on the worthy endeavor, I will be following soon...
  13. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Congratulations and much continued success in your endeavors!