I got an A (about time)

  1. I have to share my news. I share my news with you because most of my friends offline are not nursing majors and could care less or don't really fully appreciate it or understand the importance/excitement like another nursing major would.

    I got my first A. Now it was not in any of my nursing classes but it is even better than my nursing classes it was in my ethical theory class which is like an advance philosophy. It is totally different from ethics and totally different from nursing ethics. Any way. I have not been doing so hot in ethical theory. IT was the only class I had barely a C in at mid-term. All my nursing classes were A's and B's.

    This was our second paper and the first paper I got a D and the teacher called my paper garbage. He said he felt like ripping my paper up because it was so bad. Well the second one I got an A and it was one of only 3 A's out of 25 people. Before he handed back our papers he gave a long lecture about how the papers were really horrible. I started freaking out before I even got my paper back. He lectured on 10 minutes about what a good paper requires, how many people did not follow directions, many people can't write on a college level and do not deserve college degrees until you are able to write on a college level. HE said that many people need to go to the writing center. He gave me my paper I did not want to look but he look at me and smiled at me. I did not know exactly how to take that smile. I looked at my paper and it I got an A. I went home and started doing cartwheels and my little girl said Mommy is happy, why are you so happy mommy. She started doing cartwheels with me expect hers where more rolls and flips not really cartwheels.

    The good news is the fact that he allows us to re-write our papers and if we do better on the re-write he will erase the first grade and give us the better grade. So guess what I am doing over thanksgiving break. Yep, I am re-writing my first paper so I can get an A on that on to. The problem on the first paper it was my fault. I was confused and I was scared to ask for help because he is very confusing and he will talk for a LONG time. He turns something simple into something complex and he is so boring he is sort of like Mr. Rogers. Hey if anyone here likes Mr. Rogers I did not mean to offend you or him but my teacher is like Mr. Rogers because I use to fall asleep to Mr. Rogers when I was a little girl.

    Well, now I am not scared to get help especially after the first paper and my mid-term grade. My teacher is one of the nicest teachers I ever met and one of the most giving teachers I ever met. He is willing to sacrifice is personal time to help his students succeed. HE will meet you at the library or at Denny's if you need the extra help. Before every test he has test reviews the sunday before the test and he is at the university for 6-7 hours on a SUNDAY to help students out before the test. He claims he does not get paid, for coming on a sunday who knows if he does NOT get paid that is awesome and I regret not going to the first test review. However, I went last sunday and we had our test last night so we will see how that went.

    To end on one last note I got my Pharmacology grade I did pretty good. I got an 87%. Which I felt was pretty good. I hope next time I can get an A. I get closer and closer to getting that A on the pharmacology test. We have our fourth test coming up in a week and a half.

    Well, enough said, I have to go study for a test I have coming up on Monday.

    Take care
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  3. by   moni rn
    way to go! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :d

    looks like you are on a roll! keep up the great work! :d
  4. by   CDred5
    Congrats!! i know how that feels. i got two C's on my first exams in my nursing class, and i just got my first A, thank goodness, and it feels GREAT! Finally for me.
  5. by   Katnip
    Good for you, Peaceful!!!!! I know how tough ethics courses are. Those position papers are real bears.

    As for the pharm grade, that's great. We just had our second pharm exam Monday. It'll be a while before we get our grades. Last time took 2 1/2 weeks.

    Keep up the good work!
  6. by   essarge

    WHOOHOO!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! WTG!! Congrats!!
  7. by   SbRN2002
    Hey Peace. I am so happy for you. You sound like you deserve it.

    I, on the other hand, got a real kick in the a$$ today. I got a test back from yesterday. It was on the Endocrine System. I made a 54. I was so disappointed in myself because I thought I was going to finally get my B for the first time. Now, I just hope I pass. Its getting tougher and I am getting a little discouraged. We just had another girl drop this week. We are down 30 to 17 students.

    Congratulations Peace!!!

  8. by   Bonnie Blue
    Grade report so far, Fundamentals 82 unadjusted, the instructor may drop some questions, skills labs 90 on the skills, 78 on the written

    I have pathophys after clinical tomorrow, Crazy, I know but we sign up by computer and that was what was left. I have been study for a couple of days though. I have a paper due Tuesday in Foundations of Professional Nursing. That will get written this weekend.
  9. by   MRed94
    Way to go, peaceful!

    As for the rest of you, we are in this TOGETHER....and we are all hanging in there, grades or not. Keep up the good work, and we WILL get through this.

  10. by   Bonnie Blue
    I got an 89 on my pathophys test. I would have liked it to be a 90 but I'll take it. Now if I could just buckle down and write the paper that is due Tuesday...
  11. by   puzzler
    Congrats!!! Keep up the good work
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Congratulations, Peaceful and keep up the wonderful work!