I almost lost it yesterday

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  3. by   RGN1
    Sounds like you had the shift from hell - & that happens. Is this a regular problem or is it a frequent problem or does it just happen as bad as this on the odd occasion? You need to decide before you start really beating yourself up on it.

    When you're rested & thinking a little more clearly write down what happens when the shift goes wrong like this & then write down what you think could have helped & why you think that didn't happen. Also write down what you would have doen differently if you could have.

    Reflecting like this should at the very least give you some ammunition to take with you to your meeting & to your manager. At best it might even make you see what you can do to help prevent you getting so landed on again!

    I feel for you because in my last job - & even on the odd occasion in my current job - I had/have shifts like yours.

    What I have found is that, unfortunately, it often comes down to who you are rostered with. The others may not be having problems because they are working with different people. If that's the case then you have something concrete you can discuss.

    It may be worth keeping a short log of your next shift as to what happened when & who did what.

    I don't know if any of this helped & it may well be worth job hunting for a way out but in the mean time I think you're going to have to try & work this out somehow, if only to make sure you can get a decent reference!

    Good luck & take care xxx
  4. by   Lisa CCU RN
    Are you an LPN? If so, then why are you getting residents up? That's the CNA's job and if you didn't have any CNA's, you should have had the supervisor you were talking to deal with that. You needed to get the meds out and the treatments done and the next shift can get the patient's up if need be. You should have been doing the meds and told those CNA's to get to work.

    I was a CNA for four years and I would have never gotten away with not doing my job.

    Or am I missing something?
  5. by   beautifulb
    Wow...I didn't even notice your thread until after I posted mine (I freaked out). I understand...
  6. by   adrienurse
    I feel alienated, I feel invisible and I feel powerless. Do nurses have to ignore these things in order to keep their sanity?
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  7. by   WDWpixieRN
    Quote from adrienurse
    I also mind having to wake peacefully sleeping elderly people up to get them washed and dressed only to put them back under their covers. How humaine is that?
    I'm just a first-year student, but I'll be curious to see answers to this question...unless there's some pressing need for meds at 0500/0530, why in the world would someone disturb their sleep?!?! As a lifelong nightowl, I know that would tend to make ME very cranky!!
  8. by   PANurseRN1
    I'm a little unclear why this is in the student forum since you're an RN, but that's not really important.

    I agree with you, it's terrible to be getting people up at 0500. It is inhumane. I know units have to run on some sort of schedule but that's ridiculous.

    Don't feel bad for having a meltdown; we all have them from time to time. I think you should consider taking a "mental health day" if you can. Sleep, eat, read, go for a walk...do whatever you need to do.

    It may be time to start brushing up your resume and look for another job. Keep the appt. with the EAP, certainly. But it sounds like things aren't going to change where you are, and it doesn't sound like you're supported. Maybe it's time to move on.
  9. by   PANurseRN1
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