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  1. Activity with P.E. or clot

    Question....When a patient has a P.E. or a blood clot, do you keep them on bedrest? I have always been taught that with both they are kept on bedrest but then I was told current trend was that they could be mobile. And if on bedrest, would the pati...
  2. rhode island hospital

    Hi ~ I don't know if you are working there now as this thread is a few months old, but I worked there as a traveler around 4 yrs ago. I liked RIH because it was a teaching hospital and the interns were extremely hands on and very helpful and I felt...
  3. Where were u 9/11/01?

    I went to a wedding that weekend in Boston and took a flight back to North Carolina on Monday September 10th, just in time for my 7pm-7am shift at the hospital. I came home exhausted after my shift and slept all day. When I woke up, the phone was r...
  4. Help me choose a city by the water?

    Hi! I am from MA also! One of my most favorite places while I was a Travel Nurse was in Wilmington, NC. Beautiful, beautiful place.
  5. Have you ever made a med error?

    I totally agree. That is how it is in the real world. Also when I give the pt. their pills I say each one and what it is for. It is so easy to make a mistake. Remember the 5 rights!
  6. How can I say anything?

    I know, it is so hard to talk to someone about their weight. If the weight is due to overeating, it is so hard to change their weighs (oops, ways). Seriously though, if I have a pt. who is asking a lot of questions as to why they have diabetes, hea...
  7. I freaked out

    Thank you everyone for your replies. I ended up getting canceled the next day (nothing to do with the outburst ~ hopefully...). Today I went into work to drop a few things off and I had my adorable baby boy which made everyone smile, so hopefully i...
  8. I freaked out

    Oops. I thought it was gen. nsg. forum.
  9. I freaked out

    Well, yeah, I am exactly like that too, but since my show the other day, I am going to have to remember that it is not the janitors fault, but that floor polisher machine. Oh, Boy. Not looking forward to tomorrow.:imbar :
  10. turn, cough and deep breathe

    If a pt is groggy then I will gently tell them that I am going to be repositioning them. While changing their position I tell them to take a nice, deep cough. If the I.S. is there then I will have them use that a few times. While they are in the m...
  11. Halloween and Nursing

    Hee Hee! :rotfl:
  12. I almost lost it yesterday

    Wow...I didn't even notice your thread until after I posted mine (I freaked out). I understand...
  13. I freaked out

    I totally freaked out at work the other day. It was extremely inappropriate and uncalled for. I am embarassed to go to work. The other morning, right during our 8am med pass ~ including all the insulins ~ the janitors were waxing the floors which ...
  14. Do you exercise on the days you work?

    I have oftened wondered--what is more important, sleep or exercise? I too would wake up early, exhausted, to exercise. I was losing sleep, but still exercised. Now, I wished I only had the desire to exercise. Actually, that is what I am supposed ...
  15. Andrea Yates R.N.

    It is interesting that sometimes mental disorders become more prevalent following a pregnancy. I feel that every mom or mom-to-be should be screened to see if they are at risk for ppd, especially since it can lead to pp psychosis. As to why some dad...