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  1. by   shyviolet78
    I get that alot too -- "You're smart, you should be a doctor, not just a nurse". Apparently people think that nursing schools are full of students who were not smart enough to get into med school! The professions are related, but completely different. I chose not to go into medicine for the same reason I chose not to go into accounting or teaching or any other profession--I was not interested in what the job had to offer. I love the holistic aspect of nursing care. I love that during a code, the nurse's are doing all the work while the MD's are standing back in a group discussing golf (not exaggerating!). I love the fact that nurse's spend 12 hours a day with their patients while a MD rarely spends even 30 minutes. I also like the fact that in nursing, my time off is my time. No one will be paging me at 3 in the morning for a set of orders for a patient. I can do what I love at work and still have the time I want to spend with my family, not always worrying that I'll be paged to the hospital. I also don't want to spend 12 years of my life and $100,000+ in student loans to become an MD. There are more valuable things for me to do with that time and money. These are just a few of the reasons that I chose nursing over medicine.
  2. by   Whisper
    I always wanted to be a nurse, for as far back as I can remember, and in my last two years at high school, the careers teacher spent a great deal of time trying to persuade me out of this:
    "ridiculous obsession."

    I went on placements at schools, a law court, a farm as well as some kind of office, she gave me loads of paper work on becomming a speach thereapist, and many other careers that where medical related but not nursing.

    I basically ignored her, told my parents what I was going to do, and got in to Uni on a Nursing course. All though I do think I am insane at times as I had to turn down a god job with good money, to live on my litle bursary.

    My fall back has always been to tell people its my life, and it is not like I am making them train to be a nurse. If I am making a mistake get out of my way and let me make it, don't try and 'save' me into a job that would have me looking for strong light fittings.
  3. by   pkmom
    betts, I really enjoy reading your posts...if i want your opinion...Maybe that should be my philopsophy!

    my husbands grandpa riped into me when I told him I wanted to be a nurse, his sister was a nurse and she injured herself working and he griped about her long hours and sore body. But nursing is a calling, all the jobs that we truely need have bad parts to them as well. teachers get paid in peanuts, police officers and firefighters risk their life for the sake of others, they work long shifts too. But we need these people more than so many other professions.

    Everyone else has been very supportive, they all say I will make a great nurse "because you care."
  4. by   Agnus
    Ignore people who try to tell you what you want. You are past the age when one might even get away with trying this let alone that there is no age when it is appropriate.

    I've been continually criticized by a RN collegue for wanting my BSN. When I listen closely to him I discover that he did not/is not going for his BSN because his wife looked into it once for herself and found a lot of challenges involved. (a little like sour grapes)

    If you even acknowledge this person has a right to tell you what you want then you deserve what you get. Often there is somthing hidden when someone else trys to squash your dreams.

    Remember in a bucket of crabs, if one crab tries to escape the bucket the other crabs will pull him back. People unfortuantely often try the same thing. Ignore these people it is likely they will never go beyound where they are right now in their own lives.
  5. by   kimtab
    If your family and friends who know you best are supportive who is this guy to tell you otherwise? Next time you hear this comment I would just say,"Oh- I didn't know you had nursing experience!"
  6. by   live4today
    Hi Colleen 10,

    Don't listen to those negativities about nursing. If it is a desire in your heart to become a nurse, then go for it! When people say things like that to you, just answer them this way: "I'm sorry you feel that way about nurses, but I don't happen to agree with you on that. What did any nurse ever do to you to make you so negative about them? Perhaps I can help you with those bad feelings." They'll leave you alone, or they will share their experiences with you. Stay on top of the conversation by not letting their negative comments rule your feelings. You sound like a person the nursing profession would love to have, and the type of personality patients would love to have care for them. Best of everything to you!
  7. by   carlalogan
    I just shake my head at all of the times i get "why don't you just go to medical school instead?" These people just don't get it! Like the two are interchangeable. You just have to ignore these people because I've found they are the ones that don't have a clue what the jobs and schooling are about.
  8. by   UWECfuturenurse
    I also hear the same things that all of you do. I'm a 20 year old sophomore in a BSN program. I had originally gone to school to follow a pre-med program, but decided last year that the philosophies of nursing agreed much more with my own.

    My former advisor was the worst. He said I'd be frustrated with the people in my class because most of the girls wouldn't know how to do simple algebra. Obviously he was completely misinformed about the intelligence of nursing students!

    I recently read a chapter in the book "From Silence to Voice" for a nursing class. The main focus of the chapter was how to deal with those people who put down nurses and discourage nursing students. The author said that most of these people are simply misinformed and that you should use those opportunities to explain to them all of the special qualities of nurses. This article was definately inspiring...I suggest it to anyone who has these problems!
  9. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I get that from OTHER STUDENTS that don't even know me!:chuckle

    If I was you I'd look into what your BS will get you into also like a bridge program for NP or PA they both pay in the 70's and are fairly obtainable in a short period of time for you if you had the basic sciences with labs and a BS.

  10. by   colleen10
    Thanks everyone, you are the BEST!!!