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This is very interesting. they(whoever they are) have said that the average age for nursing students is in the 30's. I amcurious to see how true this is. I am going to go to nursing school either... Read More

  1. by   challis
    Yay!! I feel so at home amongst you all.

    Im 34 years old, work full time as an Enrolled Nurse (I think its similar to LPN in the US?? not sure) and am beginning part time university study next week to become a registered nurse. I am lucky that the university I am going to recognises my qualifications and have offered my one year (full time/two years partime)credit!!

    Even though I have kept up my study in recent years, Im still very nervous. After all, most students at university will be almost half my age!!
  2. by   MetsDallas
    I am 28 and will begin an ADN program this May. I should be 30 when I graduate.

    Good Luck!
  3. by   peaceful2100
    Originally posted by Rhona:
    This is very interesting. they(whoever they are) have said that the average age for nursing students is in the 30's.
    I amcurious to see how true this is.
    I am going to go to nursing school either this year or next.
    I will be either 36 or 37 upon entrance. How about eveyone else?
    I am 21 and I am in my first semester of the sophomore year of a BSN program. The average age at my school in my nursing class is also 21. The average age varies from school to school because I know in the exact same city I live in my cousin she goes to a different school and the average age is 35.

  4. by   Major
    Ave age of nurses is in their 40's now - which follows as it was in the 30's when I graduated from a BS progran at 26 - 14 years ago...

    AND I am in nursing school again - for my masters - most of my classmates are in their 30's to 40's
  5. by   wsiab
    23 - graduated 12/2000

    My class ranged from 22-45, most were in the 25-30 range.
  6. by   3651bht
    Let's see? Graduated 1996 BSN. 5 years ago and as my handle shows tomorrow the big 5 0. So that made me 45. And I wasn't the oldest. When I went to LPN school at 28 we had a student who was 65. TTFN
  7. by   teresab_2000
    Hi, I'm 18 and in my second semester in a BSN program. At my college, we are all about this age except for a few women that are older.

    I just had a question for LJoyW_27:
    Are you currently in a ADN program? How was hard was it at our young age? Do you plan on going back for your BSN? I was just wondering because i just applied to a 2 year program and considering a transfer from a BSN program. Thanks

  8. by   tonie
    There seems to be a trend to these replys. The younger students are enrolled in BSN programs, and the "older" (I'm 29, and I guess I fall into that group!!) are enrolled in ADN programs. Any comments on the reasons??

  9. by   Jayonoway
    I'm 37 years old and just started my LPN class after being a dental assistant for 3 years.
    In answer to the previous post TONI: My reason for first starting as an LPN is simple. I'm hoping that I will gain employment where they have tuition reimbursement and/or a bridge program to achieve my RN license. With the shortage why not have ADMIN pay for my education. I don't care to burden my family with any additional student loans (pre-college teenages in this home!). Also I feel as that I am older I would prefer to "get out there and start working". Just my thoughts!

    I'm the MOM not the MAID!
  10. by   EMT_125
    I will be 31 at the start of school. I think the reason the people my age are doing the ASN is they have families to support. I personally cannot afford to spend the time to get the BSN before working as a RN. Where as the younger people don't have the same amount of bills and can afford to take the extra time needed.

    Slightly different question. What is the female to male ratio in classes? This concerns me due to being a male. Was just wondering how outnumbered I will be.

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  11. by   janine3&5
    There are 8 male students in our class of 45. Everyone loves them!
  12. by   JMP
    I am graduating this May and write the RN's in May and then in July I will turn 45.

    Age is only a number. I have alot to do yet- and many more things I want to do.

    One thing to remember- no matter what you do you will get older- it all depends on how you spend (use) the opportunites of life.

  13. by   LJoyW_27
    yes i am enrolled in an ADN program, in that there is a college pretty close to my house that is very well known for it's successful nursing program, i actually think it's rated 3rd in the state. it's hard, bc i'm tryin to do everything in 2 years, while most take 3. it's a full course load, i've got 18 1/2 credit hours this semester. I am going to transfer to get my BSN, i'm currently lookin for a 2+2 program with some perks to it. If you are interested in being email buddies, i know how crazy it can be out there, feel free to email me at . good luck!!