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  1. by   crb613
    I attend a private school & it's $13,740.00/year. This does not include books, or "fees".
  2. by   Chad_KY_SRNA
    My community college charges $98/credit hour, you average 16 credit hours as a full time student. $1568.00/semester for a commuting student, the dorm is another $2000(+/-) each semester including meal plan.
  3. by   lucky4timesover
    I attend a public university and my tuition per year with books is 3900. No doubt we have it good here seeing the price of other universities.
  4. by   Cameo08
    I attend a liberal arts college in West Virginia and it run's me about 13,000 a semester that does not include books and supplies.
  5. by   z's playa
    I can't get over these fees you guys are paying! :uhoh21:
  6. by   Nurse Ratched
    Quote from elizabells
    One year tuition at accelerated BSN program at private university - $56K

    For clarification - yes, that is one year, yes that is only tuition (not counting living expenses, books, rent, etc), yes I said FIFTY SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS

    kill me now, please . . .
    Wow...... I really have to ask what they do that is so much above and beyond other schools? Is it lack of other options in the area? I presume you are getting your money's worth?

    I'm truly not being flip - maybe I'm old but that's astronomical.
  7. by   HappyNurse2005
    About Community College: average tuition rate 149 per credit
    wow, thats expensive! This, my last semester (WAHOO) at this college, the tuition is approx 65 a credit hour. Starting this summer, its up to 72(but I wont be there!!)