How many semesters of anatomy did you have to take? - page 3

I was just wondering if most people had to take more than one semester of A&P for their nursing program? I feel like I got really lucky because I only had to take one semester but it seems like the... Read More

  1. by   JillyT
    Just finished A&P III (quarter system)
  2. by   mandykatrn
    3 terms (quarters), 4 credits each of combined A&P with lab. Then another quarter of microbiology, again 4 credits with lab. Total of 1 year of A&P and microbiology and 16 credits total. It was horrible. But I think it would be harder to try and cram all the body systems in one semester as some of you have had! :imbar
  3. by   opalmRN
    Quote from TopCat1234
    I saw your response on my Rio Salado post. I emailed the course descriptions today to both programs to make sure they will accept. Hope to hear back on Monday with a "yea".
    Good idea. Almost had a class not accepted once, now I always get something in writing from my school before I take a class outside my school.

    Hope you get approval.
  4. by   TopCat1234
    i got written, email approval for my rio classes!

  5. by   Brickman
    2 semesters A&P lecture and lab.
  6. by   smk1
    3 semesters of a&p and lab and 1 semester of human biology and lab as a prerequesite
  7. by   skislalom
    We take 3 semesters of A&P AND Microbiology...all 4 with labs. We can take the micro with A&P II or A&P III. make me want to shop around for my A&P but...they are point classes towards acceptance into the nursing program.