How many of us are 25 - 35 yrs. old? - page 9

I'm just curious....most of the nursing students in my courses are about my age....29 give or take a few I was told that the daytime students are a lot younger. Fatima "RN... Read More

  1. by   AmyLiz
    I'm 33. Will hopefully start the nursing program next fall & then will have my ADN sometime in 2006
  2. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    26 here.
  3. by   agent
    Its odd that most new RN students are not right out of HS..

    most are 25+
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    A lot of people didn't have the money, the ability, or mommy and daddy helping them out at 18 to go to school then.
  5. by   det01
    I am 26...will be 27 in December.
  6. by   ibmissy
    Thank you Agent and Roxie187. I am so glad I found this site. Awesome place for support, ideas, advice, etc.
  7. by   NurseStacey143
    Im 25 and will still be 25 when I graduate. We have a good mixture of ages in my class with the average age of 29. youngest is 19 and the oldest is 59
  8. by   Bigmama
    I'm 30. I will be 33 when I'm all finished. I started college fresh out of high school, living with mom and dad, dad paying for school, only having to work part time for spending money, cuz I didn't have any bills, but unfortunately, a college degree was not my priority at the time. So, at the age of 28, married, 2 little kids, a full-time job and a mortgage is when I decided, hey, I'm going to get my R.N and make sure my family is taken care of. I always have to do things the hard way!!
  9. by   S.N. Visit
    I'm 30. I predict i will be 35 ( hopefully younger) by the time i get my ADN. Just taking my pre-reqs one class at a time.
  10. by   manna
    Originally posted by LPN2Be2004
    A lot of people didn't have the money, the ability, or mommy and daddy helping them out at 18 to go to school then.
    My parents - bless them for it - tried to send me to college (footing the bill) 3 times... unfortunately, education wasn't the top on my list of priorities at the time... it took me getting older, and trying to support a family on my own for me to wake up and realized that I not only needed but actually enjoyed school.. go figure.
  11. by   Born2BAnurse
    IM 35 years old and dont look a day older than 25 !

    Serious! THe lord blessed me I guess. When I finish LPN school I will be 36... I hope I will have the strength to continue... for my RN
  12. by   Scruffy
    36 year old-- graduating in 2006
  13. by   RNinRubySlippers
    I am!