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Just curious:p I will be 40 on Wed. I've got 2 kids, 10 and 6. I am still doing my pre-req's. I know I can do this,but would love to hear from some more grey hairs, hee hee:D By the way, my... Read More

  1. by   Dublin37
    Hi John, and welcome! It is such a great group of "old folk!ha" here. I'm just in my pre-req's. I think you're ahead of a lot of us. I had to drop out last semester because of an injury. That was frustrating, but I'm back on track now. See ya, Heather
  2. by   goinnuts
    I am so glad to hear I'm not alone. I miss my family, and my house is a mess!!! As much as I love this, I hate it!!!! I am always looking for hints on care plans, got any??
  3. by   Dublin37
    What do you mean by care plans? Heather
  4. by   CaliLVN
    A care plan is like a book report where you take a nursing diagnosis, such as osteoarthritis, and you set up a plan of care for that patient. You would do a short term goal, then implementations on how to take care of this patient, rationales and evaluations. Once you learn them, you'll dream them

  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    I am 41 with three children, 21, 15, and 13.


    LPNs Obtaining Their RN!
  6. by   Dublin37
    Well I've got an idea for us. I'm gonna try to set up a chat room for us through yahoo. Some folks said they couldn't figure it out , but I'll give it a try, though I'm not a brain surgeon ! Anyway, I'll call it SNOT (Student Nurses Over Thirty-five) but of course any student nurses can come chat . I'll try to figure it out this weekend. God bless, Heather :roll :kiss :roll
  7. by   CaliLVN
    SNOT!!! I love it Heather!!! Keep me informed about it, ok? I'm all for it!!! Talk to ya later!!

    Count me in, Heather...I love the name...SNOT...I love it!! Let me know, ok? Have a good weekend, all!!

  9. by   Agnus
    Another gray hair here. Oops how did that slip out, need to get out the dye bottle again. I'm soon to be 51 (couple of months) Got my LPN at 48 my RN at 50 and am still in school working on my BSN, (Independent study this time)
    Welcome all.
  10. by   Sleepyeyes
    Boy, I wish I'da known about this board when I was in nursing school--
    I'm 49, graduated in 2000, and have 1 (very helpful) child at home. My husband waited on me hand and foot. I went to school and, to get tuition reimbursement, I worked fulltime.
    Graduated 0.002 from the honor roll.

    Thanks Hubby!!! just doesn't cut it, but my hubby is THE BEST!! A+++ in foot massage! kept my car running (somehow!) and kept the dust mites at bay.
    Best of luck to all of you! We need you!!
  11. by   gabekgc
    Hey Heather, I will be 36 this March dont let your age discourage you from becoming what you really want to be. I have 2 children one is 2 yrs the other 7 mo. The good thing is that I have an understanding wife that supports me while in nursing school. The only draw backs I am experiencing is that I dont have much time to spend with the kids and my level of energy is usually low. Hang in there and dont give up.
  12. by   Dublin37
    I'm trying to set up SNOT but then it's lost somewhere and I can't bring it back up. I will try again! Heather
    P.S. Welcome Agnus, sleepyeyes and gabekgc! It's a great place for support
    PPS: Hey Agnus, I'm in need of a weave myself
  13. by   Dublin37
    ok, everyone, yahoo has gotten rid of clubs (which you could make a chat room through) and now they have groups anywho, I set up a group for us. SNOT was already being used, I found that funny, so I set up a group SNOTF (student nurses over thirty-five) Within the group we will be able to chat any 'ole time. If you're not part of yahoo, I think you have to sign up. Anyway, it said it takes 48 hours before we can use it, so we'll have to give it a try Saturday, March 2. How about 9am Pacific time? Let's give it a try guys and gals!:roll Heather Geeps, I almost forgot the address! :imbar phew!