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Our first essay (the final copy) in our ethics class is due two weeks from today. What the professor had us do was bring 2 hard copies to class last week, one goes to him, the other you trade with... Read More

  1. by   mercyteapot
    Edited since I see you've already informed the professor.
  2. by   mercyteapot
    I just saw this on out local news website. Thought you might find this interesting....

    Never mind... the last line of the article addressed my objection!
  3. by   gwenith
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    He sent an email back along the lines of "thank you for alerting me to this. She will not know that we had this conversation, as it is not necessary, since the information you found is available online for everyone to see. "

    Students who cheat only really cheat themselves since education is not about passing but about LEARNING.
  4. by   BeccaznRN
    I really hope that this student doesn't go on to become a nurse.
  5. by   UM Review RN
    Glad you did that, Marie. When you work hard for a grade and someone else steps in with a loser idea like that and gets full credit, it just burns my shorts.
  6. by   SH4NNON
    Good for you! I'd be interested in knowing if you see her around after this, or if she "mysteriously" disappears.
  7. by   LanaBanana
    I think you did the right thing. I hate being in dilemas like that. But you know what they say - what is right is not always popular.
  8. by   Rosa2Little
    Wow, Marie. You did the right thing.

    Let us know how this turns out. As with a few of the other posters I wondered whether this was a sort of ethical dilemma designed by the prof.

    Either that, or it was a variation on the dreaded group project.... oh the ways to be tortured in nursing school....

  9. by   BlueEyedRN
    I had a dilemma in school about if I should or shouldn't say something. It was a huge group project and I was the one putting it all together. I got this one girl's part two days before it was due. I was checking her sources to make sure they were right because I am a freak about plagiarism. A couple of them seemed off so I went on the internet and ended up finding her whole essay. I didn't have time to get her to fix it, so I just wrote it myself and turned it in on time. The thing is, I couldn't accuse her of plagiarism because her part never got turned in, and she could accuse me of being a control freak and not letting her do her part of the assignment if I claimed that she didn't do her part and didn't deserve a grade. Plus, this came out of nowhere with this girl. I'd worked with her before and she'd always been completely reliable and I didn't want to see her fail her last semester. On the other hand, nurses who cheat are scary! I was furious too because if I hadn't caught this, our entire group could have been accused of plagiarism and failed. What the world should I have done in that situation? It still bothers me six months later.
  10. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I won't find out anything more till Monday.
  11. by   Nascar nurse
    Quote from stevielynn
    (I wonder if this is a test the prof designed to showcase ethical vs. unethical behavior?).steph
    I was wondering the EXACT same thing! If so you should get an "A"!!
  12. by   emllpn2006
    I think it is great that you said something about it. If she did this in one class and you caught her chances are she has done it before and gotten away with it. That is defenatly not who I would want taking care of me a nurse who cheated her way through nursing school. I know I may be a little harsh but it just makes you think.
  13. by   Lisa CCU RN
    I am wondering why you would bother putting any part of this person's essay into a search engine. I know you said parts of it were unclear, but that doesn't make any sense to me. Was it a word they used you couldn't define? If so, then why not put the word by itself into or something? I don't see why you would bother putting entire phrases in for clarification. A single word shouldn't have brought up an entire essay.

    Of course, maybe you just thought they had plagerized all along. But why would that thought enter your mind if you didn't know this person?