How do you handle family and school?

  1. I'm trying to study for 3 exams I have next week and my 5 year is so sad because I can't play a board game with her. She just keeps crying that I'm always studying , etc. I feel horrible, like I'm neglecting her. How do you handle small children and studying?
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  3. by   Despareux
    Take 15 minutes to hang out with your kid. I completely understand how time is extremely precious on all accounts, but our kids are only kids one time in their lives and school, although important, it will be still be there tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.
  4. by   mom22many
    We have a calendar tacked to the wall, During my childrens school year, i will not study from 330 till 800 in the evenings, do all the parenting & dinner, showers, reading, and i will hope to schedule time during Sunday for some family fun, other then that its controlled chaos with activities keeping them busy thoughout the week. Now i havent started the program but i know it goes through the summer and using the calendar so everyone can see that maybe not right now mom can play, but tonight is movie night or were going to the library on this day, around this time~it helps them to visualize~i have 4 children 11,9,7 and 2 1/2 this is the only way i think everyone will keep their sanity~Sometimes all the need to 20 minutes and then the feel connected and can go play and give you an hour~good luck ~Peaceful Studying~
  5. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I agree. Take some time for them. Set aside 20 minutes to do something they want to do. A game of memory, read a story, whatever it is. In the grand scheme of things is 20 mins going to make or break anything? I also like the calendar idea. Maybe make one and pick something each week that is just you and them to go do something fun. Go to a movie or something.

    I have 4 kids. My youngest was 2.5 when I started the nursing program. If I had to work on school work she would come sit next to me and work on her "school work". She also took over my iPad. I have all kinds of preschool apps for her on there and she feels like she is just like me playing on it next to me. It was easier to incorporate her the. To exclude her.
  6. by   mersonsgrace
    sometimes if I am doing homework on the computer I will let my son sit on my lap and adjust a you tube screen in a small corner of the computer screen so he can watch nursery rhymes and I can do my work.
  7. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Quote from mersonsgrace
    sometimes if I am doing homework on the computer I will let my son sit on my lap and adjust a you tube screen in a small corner of the computer screen so he can watch nursery rhymes and I can do my work.
    I would also give my daughter an extra keyboard so she thought she was doing stuff too!!
  8. by   TexasNurse2B
    Thank you guys! I need to figure out better study habits and a better way to manage my time so I'm not spending hours and hours per day studying non stop.
  9. by   milzer2012
    When I started pre-reqs I read something about family/school balance and it suggested:
    - give 'em 10 - 15 minutes of undevided attention, consider it an investment that will yield hours of quality uninterrupted study time (Hubby and kids.) Be sure to be "presesnt" during this time, not worrying or glancing at your books.
    It works, Ive tried it

    - I tell mine to let me study for XYZ time, then come get me, that way my studying has a definite end for them.
    - My 10 yr old will proof my papers for grammar, glance thru my texts, and
    come give me a kiss & hug, then go back to his stuff.
    - Let them know the big picture of what your going to school for - a better life for everyone - I have a deal with my son that he gets to pick out any lego he wants out of my first paycheck, if he is patient now.

    Remember they will only be little once, those few minutes spent playing can mean a whole lot to a little one, and could be the thing they hold on to to help you get thru NS. Mommy guilt is always bad, hopefully you can find a way to keep it to a minumum.
  10. by   mama_d
    ETA: I'm on my phone, so please forgive the rampant typos as it won't let me scroll to correct them.

    Mommy guilt is the worst.

    My kids have been dealing with me being in school off and on for years now, and it seems like the older they get the wose it is.

    I'm off this semester while I wait for nursing classes to start, and that was part of "the deal"...Mom isn't taking any fluff classes, even though I'd love tojust for the fun of it, but once I start nursing classes they're gonna have to be patient and chip in.

    Each kidlet has different things that work for them... The 14 yo could care less as long as I let him go play basketball at the park or play his video games. The 12 yo likes to talk to me about what I'm studying, which actually helps me a lot...if I can explain things in a way he understands, I know I've got a firm grasp on it. The 11 yo is happy sitting by me reading a book, and the 4 yo wants me to read whatever Ilm reading out loud to him and explain the pictures. He gets confused by textbooks...grown up books don't have pictures, only little kid books do...but textbooks aren't for kids...and I can't explain it to him.

    When I was in school before the youngest was born, we'd go to the community pool during summer semester. There was an awesome play area for younger kids, and I'd turn them loose and sit at a table nearby and work on homework. I grew up the oldest out of five though (baby sis is 15 years younger than me) so the constant distractions don't bother me.

    I also do a lot of studying at night after kids go to bed.

    I have to work full time while in school, so they all know that it's going to interfere with family life. I promised them a family vacation for a week to somewhere like Florida or Galveston once I've had my RN for a year and our finaces are in better order.
  11. by   dee78
    I have 3 kids and struggle with this from time to time. Time is precious, in the sense that kids are only kids once and you can't get that time back but also in the sense that study time is precious and you have to take it when you can get it.

    I know for my 6 year old, spending just 20 minutes with him isn't enough. It does not buy me more quality study time later. Most of the time, when I'm doing an assignment or prep work for studying I don't require silence so I let them stay in the room with me. Just being close is better than being sent away. They might watch TV or lay on the bed with their laptops or a book. Right now my 12 year old in here with me.

    But she is is asking you to play a game with her, I think a 15-20 minute break from studying to play would be okay. I know that my son always wants me to play the Wii with him, that's exercise and quality time together.
  12. by   Futurenursehopeful7
    Hi All,
    I am beginning nursing program end of August. I really don't know what to expect as far as study time when start program (as I've heard it's nothing like the pre-reqs.) How many hours per day would you say that you should study? I'm thinking that when kids (I have 2...They're 7 &10) get home frm school, we can do their homework and I'll try and study a little at the same time. This will probably last about an hour, then take a 3 hour break and include dinner during this break. Then I'll have from appx 8 until 12 to study. Does this sound acurate to any of you current nursing students or new nurses? Thanks so much! Also, ANY advice or info would be MUCH appreciated in regard to school/family balance. I'm really anxious about this.