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I'm doing upgrading this fall.... and hope to go to college next year.... but being a single mom and knowing all the resposibilities that come with that.... and having to handle all my own... Read More

  1. by   RNPQT
    Hi! I'm interested in your autobiography and ministry. Do you receive PM's? I forget how to check. I have a friend who is considering a nursing career who may be very interested in it too, and would like to share the info. Lol
  2. by   CseMgr1
    Guaranteed Student Loan Program (GSLP), working weekends and during quarter breaks.
  3. by   MB37
    A lot of this depends on where you live, so ask around. I wish I would have. Several of the hospitals here will pay 100% of your tuition and books if you have worked there for 6 months. One gives several scholarships to current employees that not only cover educational expenses, they also pay the student for 40 hours/wk while only requiring you to work 16. I'm angry at myself for not looking into this stuff until I found out at NS orientation. By the time I worked somewhere for 6 months, my ABSN program will be almost half over so it's not as worth it for me now. I moved here from New Orleans, and in Louisiana I was told to take out loans for everything because all the hospitals will pay them back for you as a sign-on bonus. For some reason, hospitals in Florida not only pay some of the worst wages in the country, they also rarely give bonuses. I'm hoping to move back after I graduate, but that's another story...ask any other students that you know, ask the financial aid counselor at school, call a hospital or look online to see what they offer to employees, you should have a lot of options.
  4. by   Multicollinearity
    I was surprised when I was offered a complete tuition scholarship at the university in my city. I'm so glad I applied. Previously, I thought I should stay at my community college because the tuition is thousands less.

    My hard work and smashin' GPA has paid off.:hatparty:

    Might be something to look into. Don't assume you can't afford a certain college or university. If you've got a good GPA - work it and use it, LOL.
  5. by   caroladybelle
    Quote from sandstormsdust
    I'm doing upgrading this fall.... and hope to go to college next year.... but being a single mom and knowing all the resposibilities that come with that.... and having to handle all my own expenses... I have been wondering for sometime:

    How will I afford, myself, baby, college and still live in a decent place, with a little money to go out and do stuff...

    So if anyone can give me an idea about what they did how they did it... and the way things work... please do so....
    I worked fulltimeand my child was in school.

    There is no need to "go out and do stuff". You will not have the time or the money or the energy.
  6. by   PMFB-RN
    G.I. Bill. It paid all of my expenses plus I got a check for about $415 a month. Lots of my classmates where national guard and received free tuition through the NG.
  7. by   cherokeesummer
    I had to pay out of pocket for the majority b/c I had already maxed my undergrad loans getting my degree. Soooo...I was upset of course b/c we are not financially well off. But I made payment arrangements and worked hard to find the extra cash to pay. Then I got some scholarships every once in awhile that helped and then in my last year I got a good scholarship that has a work commitment but it will pay for everything in this last year thankfully!

    If you have no undergrad loan issues I think you can borrow the money (if you don't get scholarships) but being a single mom you very well may qualify for a good amount of scholarships or grants! Good luck!
  8. by   TheCommuter
    I obtained a $20,000 Sallie Mae private student loan to finance my schooling.
  9. by   2bprettynurse23
    i am a student of lebanese university and in this uni we only pay $200 us every year, that is why many students do the exam but only 25 are accepted and only 10 are graduated (the best).
  10. by   staceytania
    I live in a rural area that is screaming out for nurses, the Qld government is spending over 200 million on health care for rural areas. I already work in age care and because of the grants from the government I am now doing the Endorsed Enrolled Nursing programme. Without this grant I would not be able to do this course even when working full time.

    If anyone else lives in Queensland and is thinking about updating their qualifications I suggest they apply for a Remote Nursing Grant.

    Hope this helps others that are in the same situation as me.
  11. by   queenjean
    I work full time, and pay for everything out of pocket. I do get some tuition reimbursement from my employer, but it isn't a whole lot. Our school allows tuition to be paid for in four monthly payments over the semester. If I couldn't afford to do that, I'd pay in loans. I already have a bachelors degree, so I don't qualify for any federal financial aid.
  12. by   barbaratruth
    I worked full time and took prerequisites at night. Took a summer course for microbiology. Switching to working part-time for the first year of nursing school. Student loans and personal savings to cover the next year of tuition and expenses.

    Good luck to you.
  13. by   carveronica
    Thank you for the encouragement!! I'm a single mother of eight and attended a local State college. I have many times considered just giving up. It has been so hard to keep my household going. I want to someday teach nursing and help others just like myself. Thank you for all the positive support.