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HOORAY!!!! It's almost time for school to start back up again! January 7th is right around the corner! Hurry! Hurry! Oh please Hurry!!!! Kids go back and I go back too! Especially KIDS go... Read More

  1. by   Katnip
    My kids and I both started back to school today. Unfortunately, tomorrow is looking like a snow day for them, but my school doesn't close down except for the blizzard of the century.
  2. by   KITTYLADY
    well i've procrastinated this semester break away... i have all types of cd rom's etc to study for the nclex, (which i will be taking in may!!) but this was the first time in my adult life (i am 34) that i have had time to sit, do nothing, and think!!! i don't work right now (quit in aug to finish up school this semester) and despite the fact that i am bored out of my mind, taking a 3 week break was one of the most therapeutic things i can remember having done for myself since i was young enough to be in grade school.... before joining the work force! i wish everyone luck - i guess i am lucky in many ways --- i've been reading all the posts about the cost of books --- i get to rent mine! my total book bill for the past 2 years was less than $300!! (i go to school on the gulf coast ms) hope everyone else has had such a peaceful break!
  3. by   Mkue
    Isn't it awful, we can't wait to finish the semester then can't wait for a new semester to start!!!

    Go Nerds !

  4. by   Mkue

    Family can drive one crazy..lol.

    I need to fill in Weds. and Fridays, going to try and pick up Sociology or something like that, something relatively easy.

    The thought of buying more books.. !!! Yikes

  5. by   carlalogan
    My kids go back to school on the 7th and i go back on the 14th! I've been counting down the days for when I can go and buy my new books for this coming semester and start reading. I am so ready...just praying my sitter doesn't fall through this semester so that I don't have to drop or miss any classes The babysitting thing is what makes me a nervous wreck about nursing school! anyone else?

    Happy New Year to all of you!
  6. by   o2prn
    praise the Lord nurzofaith I am with you It is my final semester to may 24 th I will be finish, and I am going to shout all across the stage when they call my name I know it sounds funny but its the truth. HA! HA! HA!
  7. by   o2prn
    praise the Lord nurzofaith I am with you It is my final semester to may 24 th I will be finish, and I am going to shout all across the stage when they call my name I know it sounds funny but its the truth. HA! HA! HA!
  8. by   Lausana
    I'm with you PKmom-my son is almost 14 months and if I'm sitting doing nothing he's perfectly content to play on his own, but the second I'm doing anything he's right in the middle of it-like a cat on the newspaper!! I can't even pee alone-he's peeking in the door in no time. He doesn't like cartoons either-but a commercial for a video of kids singing kids songs had him mezmorized! I need to buy that.

    Marie-I loved Sociology, I learned a lot in that one. That's good that you get to fill up your days- My schedule is so "messy" this semester, have school every day, but only in one evening so at least babysitting will be easier!
    Here is how nerdy I am, I have my schedule figured out until I graduate! The nursing schedules don't change very much each semester & clinical times are the same-so in the fall I have a pretty good schedule planned already!! LOL, is it obvious I'm one of those weird "planner" people??

    I really need to get back to school-I have way too much free time!
  9. by   Bonnie Blue
    Ya'll are just sick!

    We start back on Monday. All the things I planned on doing over break... Well, some of them got done. I just wish I had just 2 extra days. Back to the mines!
  10. by   AppyHorseFan
    My kids went back to school Wednesday (1/2), I don't go back until the 15th...and wouldn't you know it, I've come down with a horrible head cold!!! We got our reading list before the end of our last semester. We are doing OB and med-surg this semester. I've done some of my reading, but still have a long way to go to get it all done. We've been doing some renovations to the house (Yes, my dad decided the first of December to FINALLY get started!!! ) So, tings are still totally disorganized around here. Tomorrow my goal is to get my study room re-organized and go from there. This is my second semester and although I'm anxious to get started, I'm really concerned about who my clinical instructor will be. There is one that very few people get along with, and she is scheduled to be at the clinical site that is closest to me.

    Anyway, sorry, I got off the subject there. What I really need is to get well, so that I'll feel like getting everything done I haven't been able to accomplish yet.

    Good luck this semester to everyone. Remember, with God, ALL things are possible.

    Happy Riding,
  11. by   Lausana
    Well guys and gals,
    I think I'm now ready to begin the semester-I spent this weekend doing some serious house cleaning!! Organizing the kitchen and bedrooms and even broke out the wood polish

    Feels great to see it looking so clean. Hope it lasts till may!!
    Anyway, now I can start preparing for class next week, especially since I can now see my desk!
  12. by   essarge
    Start winterim tomorrow evening (can't wait) and spring starts the 22nd (they overlap for two weeks). We've been house hunting so I've been keeping myself busy, but it's time to go back!! Need to work on this weight I've put on! LOL!
  13. by   Mkue
    Just got 2 more books today one for 81.00 and 3 for one class for 70.00 !!! So far this semester I have paid close to 450.00 for books and I still have one more to buy when it comes in.. geez.

    However the Nursing books look really expensive !! Think I'm going to shop around for those when the time comes.