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:eek: What to my wondering eyes should appear in my mailbox today? A package from school with homework and a test. I nearly fell over. I don't start til Sept 2 and they sent me homework. I... Read More

  1. by   thekingandhislady
    I am starting second semester Monday also. We got a list of medications prior to semester ending last term that was suggested that we know. However, our senior nursing students advised us that it would be a waste of time b/c medications will be learned a little at a time through the semester and that we should focus more on fluid/electrolytes, the cardiac cycle, and review clinical practices from last semester b/c we will be given a random clinical check off the first week, and medication administration.
    So, I have dabbled in a little bit of it all this summer. I made sure to know the cardiac cycle, gotten through the basics of F & E, listened to our ATI lectures on the clinical practices (wound care, NG insertion, Urinary Cath's, etc). I am now in the process of finishing my clinical review and studying the medication chapter that was skipped last semester b/c "we would be doing it next semester." I have a house to completely organize, food to cook and freeze for easy meals (Saturdays work), clinical attire to iron, shoes to clean, OMG I'm tired already! But I do not envy the girl that has to read 30chapters!
    At any rate, I am excited to get back to the grinding wheel so that I can resume my daily schedule and learn all this material. New material is like chocolate to me...yum yum. Good luck to you all and may God bless you with complete understanding and supernatural recall!!!!
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  2. by   sistasoul
    Hi all,

    Our school sent us an assignment of 27 pharm chapters plus 10 math/calculation chapters for the first day of school. We also have a skills assessment on Aug 29 and 30 on inserting foleys, Injections, dressing changes, IV's and an assessment on a total knee replacement with epidural. We have 10 minutes to complete the assessment and we must choose two priority nursing diagnoses, etc, etc.
    I guess we will be well trained when we graduate. I am stressed out.
    Did I mention we need to get a 90 on our math/pharm test?:spin:
  3. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    but i do not envy the girl that has to read 30chapters!

    haha! i don't envy her either, considering they didn't tell us that it isn't 30 chapters, but actually 33 chapters!! ugh, i won't be doing much eating, sleeping or anything else but reading!!! but, this too shall pass...or so i have heard! i hope so!!!

    hey sista,

    we too have a math test that we have to make a 90 on. if we don't we have a second chance to take it, but regardless of what we make, they will only give us a 75 on it. if we don't pass the second, we are out. :uhoh21:
  4. by   lizzyberry
    I know what you mean I went to orientation today and the teacher said to start studying over the weekend. Ok now its clicked in that this is a whole lot a work,not to mention boring! I will love being a nurse but the studying will be boring!
  5. by   CT Pixie
    I got a packet when I accepted my seat for school. Then when we picked up our books (less than a week before school started) we had homework assignments due on the first day of school.

    Can I tell you how peeved i was when I cracked the books, read the chapters and did all the assigned homework to hand in on the first day only to be told during orientation that homework wouldn't be collected for another week or so ...GRRRR. .but hey i was ahead of the game at that point as many in my class didn't do any of the work.
  6. by   JenM
    Oh yeah, I do!!! We had orientation on June 15th and were given a combination of 17 chapters to read among all of my classes. Then yesterday we had what they call "circles of success seminar" and dropped more online homework for us. On top of that, there is a 500 page syllabus for my pharm class. I am suppose to fill out the first few sections of the outline that came with it. I know there will be more. That's what it's all about, i guess!
  7. by   MB37
    Last semester, we were "advised" to read about 250 pages before classes started on a Monday. The bookstore had trouble with Fed Ex, and when I drove 30 minutes out there for the second time on the Thurs before, I was told that they wouldn't be there until Friday. I work Fridays and Saturdays, and the store was closed on Sundays. I couldn't buy my books until the first day of school, when another 250 pages were assigned (that was about average per week all summer). If you have the opportunity to get anything done in advance, take it.