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I'm starting A&P in two weeks or so-just wondering what you found helpful study- wise? I ordered a "coloring book." Is that useful? Also, what exactly does lab entail? My class is for an ADN program... Read More

  1. by   agent
    im trying to beg my way into a&p right now.

    sad really.
  2. by   SirJohnny

    - Forget about the coloring book -- you will be too busy memorizing terms, definitions, and body parts. This is a weedout class. You are there to go to lab/lecture - organize notes - memorize - take exam. Repeat the cycle every 2 weeks.

    - You mention a 6 credit A&P class. If this is a 15 week class - here's what this means.

    - You will spend about 4 hours a day memorization --- this is actual quality time.

    - You will spend about 4 to 6 hours a week doing lab homework, organizing your study notes, along with some quick reading.

    - You will need to cram for exams. For my lab/lecture final for a 3 credit A&P 101 class -- I studied about 40 hours over the course of 5 days. This was total quality time. Spent more like 50 hours actual time. Granted - we were a 10 week summer class as opposed to the standard 15 week class.

    - The students who got A's (5 out of 45 students), put in 40-50 hours over 5 days for the final.


    - This is what I mean, you do not have time to do coloring.


    - Recommendations: Go to Hole's A&P website and print out all of the samle T/F & Multiple Choice Exams. I just answer all the questions false, get it graded, and print it with the answers. I did this BEFORE the class started.

    - Hole A&P site also has great outlines for each chapter. Print these out. Do it NOW!!! So you get it out of the way.

    - Find other sample A&P midterms/finals online. Can usually find a few questions from them that will be on your exams.

    - Flashcards are great - but do not spend too much time making them. You want to maximize your memorization time.

    - What I do is cut & paste my notes into MS-Word - organize them into Q &A type format - then blow them up to Courrier New #20 font, space the notes out, and print them on standard paper.

    Then I just cut the paper into strips - fold it over - staple and chuck into shoe box. Instant cards in about 30-60 minutes.


    - I should mention/brag that I work as a computer programmer 40-50 hours a week, teach two nights a week (5 hr class + 3 hrs prep time/night).

    - I somehow found the 3-4 hours/day to study/memorize for A&P 101. Granted, I came into work a total zombie a few times. And for finals, I just took a week of vacation.


    - Hope this helps.

    John Coxey
  3. by   SirJohnny

    - Here are some more A&P Sites.


    - Wondering if we could have an FAQ or STICK with list of A&P sites, and perhaps one for Microbiology, etc. ?


    My A&P Sites:

    - Click on the different body systems to see how lab exams are
    acutally run. Basically total recall of body parts.
    - The skull on this site saved my butt in A&P 101 as I could not
    go to the open lab hours (outside of class) due to work.

    - Good info at this site.

    - Good site for bones.


    Hope this helps.

    John Coxey
  4. by   Mithrah
    I'm so glad my A&P days are over. I spent a lot of time in lab after class just reviewing with friends.
  5. by   Fox
    Good websites John.
  6. by   Jenn CLPN
    What school are you going to? I never saw a 6 credit hour A&P.
  7. by   det01
    My text book came with a CD Rom that had questions on it. It was really helpful. If your book has one be sure to use it.

    Someone mentioned the Incredibly Easy series...again I can not say enough good things about those books.

    I had the coloring books - I never really used them, but I know some people that thought they were helpful.

    My friends and I always got together to compare notes. It is alot of info and teachers tend to talk a lot faster than you can write. We would compare what we got - sometimes one of us would get something the other did not and vica versa. Also sometimes we would figure out that some of understood something differently that others did - we would take these different perspectives to the teacher and ask which was right. Most teachers are happy to talk to you (it is what they feel like they are there for - you know they aren't in it for the money) Which brings me to another point - never be afraid to ask the teacher a question in or out of class!

    Besides - if you are trying that hard and putting the effort into visiting them during their office hours they will be much more likely to round that close grade up (at least that is what many teachers I have talked to said - hubby used to teach at a university)
  8. by   ST_NURSE_MLD

    Great advice!! I did much of the same. An ex-computer Science major myself. Whom still looks like a zombie...
  9. by   allthingsbright
    WOW! Awesome advice and websites from everyone-thank you so much.

    To answer someones ?? I am in a Comm. College program w/ a 6 hr A&P. It is a 15 week course, so lots to do. In order to get a BA I would need two separate classes that would total 10 credit hours. Fun stuff.

    I have copied this whole list and will save it! WOOHOO, I'm off to Florida next week for a vacation, then start class. Wish me luck!

  10. by   Cassiggity
    I <3 my coloring book!!
    I also have a Gray's Anatomy handy, and this "Medical Terminology made Simple" book I found in a used bookstore for one dollar!!!!

    Good luck with your classes!!
  11. by   B.T.H
    My best advice for anyone taking A&P is to not let the class psyche you out before hand. Just take good notes, make note cards for material you have trouble memorizing and get into a good study group(if possible). I never used the coloring books, though their were others in the class that used them. I don't really think they make much of a difference. I think because of the volumn of information that you have to remember for that class, adding the coloring book to it is not helpful(unless you have a lot of time from a light class load or are not working. If you are taking a lot of classes or are working then forget the coloring book) Also don't fall behind, just be steady about studying and you should be fine. B.T.H