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    I am going into my second semester of my first year of school. I am paying for tuitioin out of pocket and at this point don't qualify for any loans because I already have a BA and I am at a junior college going for my ADN. By the grace of GOD I have made it this far in terms of everything particularly finances. I don't know how I have managed to pay my tuition, but somehow I have. I am trying not to max out my credit cards because I know that they are going to have to finance as much of my education as possible. Anyway, I am now at the point where I have to buy books. I am looking for used textbooks for sale, rent or donation. I have posted a list below of what I need. If there is anyone out there who has them and would be willing to let me buy, rent, or have them I would be appreciative. I would also be willing to send them back as soon as I am done. I don't have much money to spend. I have checked out used books online, but for whatever reason this semester's books are expensive. I got last semester's books for a reasonable price, but I am not having much luck this time. Any help that is out there would be appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

    Maternal & Child Nursing Care (2nd Edition) (Marcia London)
    2007 Lippincott's Nursing Drug Guide - Amy M Karch
    Foundations of Clinical Drug Therapy - Anne Collins Abrams
    Introductory Medical-Surgical Nursing, Ninth Edition, Plus LiveAdvise Online Student Tutoring Service (Point (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins)) - Barbara Kuhn Timby
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  3. by   fleur-de-lis
    Unfortunately I don't have any of those or I'd send them your way! I feel your pain though - I am doing an accelerated BSN for second-degree students and I don't qualify for squat because of the first bachelor's. Which ironically my parents paid for out of pocket, so I will never have the benefit of federal funds for my education! I have financed this degree totally with private loans. I am fortunate to have a hubby with a good job, so I will pay them back in the first year of working, or at least that is the plan!

    Try the libraries near you, I knew a girl who just kept renewing one book all semester! Good luck to you!
  4. by   spoiled_lil_sister
    Have you looked for these books at (a division of e-Bay) or I have found many of my textbooks there for dirt cheap (I think I paid $25 or $30 for my opened but never used micro book when my bookstore charges $160 for it USED & $240 for it new.) Just be sure to go with a reputable seller & I would also recommend paying the extra cost for expedited shipping, just in case. (Your shipment is also trackable that way!) I'm in the same boat with finances, so I wish you the best!
  5. by   spoiled_lil_sister
    Just read fleur-de-lis's post - S/He mentioned checking with your library. A lot of schools carry required textbooks in a special section. Sorry, I don't remember what it is called though, but it's like the reference section where nobody can check them out for that semester. Maybe it is available where you can do your studying in the library & just photocopy the things you must have that you can't take down in your notes (like pictures, etc).
  6. by   Freedom42
    Might want to ask your adviser if faculty members have any review copies of text books that they're not using. They often receive them gratis from publishers.

    A sharp-eyed friend spotted a few dozen review copies of Martini A&P texts being thrown out by faculty last September. She asked -- and she made a lot of friends by giving away those books!
  7. by   moongirl
    most of our instructors had each and every copy of all the books- maybe go to your advisor and explain the situation see if youcould borrow- also there were several older editions of the books we were using in the learning library, they were just the last year's edition and not different ( having to buy new editions every year really blows)

    good luck! I dont have these or they would be yours. I have yet to actually use any book that the school forced me to purchase except my lab values and drug guide
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Regular is another good soure for super-cheap books sometimes.
  9. by   joyflnoyz
    I don't have any books to help you, but will add my agreement for ebay/ . Just got my math book I need for $50 <in excellent shape>. Brand new at the bookstore was $120
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  10. by   firstaiddave907
    maby your school might have a lending libary that is wehn you go to the financhale aid department of your school and then tey can get you the books you are looking for that semster but the only down side is at the end of the semster you have to give the books back.
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  11. by   Lady_in_red
    Sorry, I don't have any of those books.
    I'd try the library first, but someone else might already have had that idea so don't depend on it. can be great. My classes required the new editions for three semesters. I bought the discount card and used the coupons they sent me by email. I ended up paying twenty or thirty dollars less than the bookstore was asking. Free shipping over $25 and they usually get to your house in three days.
    I've used to buy textbooks for general ed classes and they are much cheaper as well. I haven't used amazon to buy my books but a lot of my classmates swear by it. I would keep checking back at those sites. You never know when something will show up.
    Maybe you can share textbooks with someone you trust (to share, not lose it, etc.) to cut the cost in half?
    Good luck!
  12. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    Took me three years of university before I realized that nearly all of our texts were available in the library.....for FREE! Check there first before you buy anything. Then, if it turns out you REALLY need them, buy them cheap online.
  13. by   morte
    most of mine turned into very expensive door stops...
  14. by   MB37
    Read the fine print if you buy from Amazon - to save serious money, you click on the "used or new" button, and get a bunch of private sellers. There is usually only one type of shipping - standard - but it's not the same as standard for regular amazon products. I ordered my books two weeks ago, and two of them still have not arrived. I have homework due and no book to read. With today being a holiday and the day of mourning for President Ford the mail may be slower than usual, but until I read the fine print I was completely unaware that they have 21 days to ship those books to you. Just make sure you read all the available information before you let them charge you, and make sure you know what you're buying and that it will arrive in time. No, my missing books are not available at the local or university library. Hoping they get here tomorrow...good luck to you as well.