1. hi everyone! i'm new to the board. i'm a 28 yr. old married woman w/ no kids. i'm going for my second degree in nursing. i will start an accelerated bsn program on september 2. i am both excited and nervous about starting, but i'm ready and waiting! wish me luck!!!!
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    Good luck, and welcome to allnurses! This is a great site!
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    Welcome tmarie75

    Enjoy the site. I know I do.
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    Weldome Tmarie - This is surely a great site!!~
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    Welocme. This is an awesome site.
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    Welcome to the board tmarie!

    There are some great people here! And the occasional idiot like me aren't too awful bad

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    welcome and enjoy!
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    Welcome to the board tmarie!!!! Congratulations on starting your B.S.N. program!!! Study hard!!!

    "Class of 2006"
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    Welcome!!! I'm also in an accelerated BSN program - yep, still kicking too!
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    Hello and welcome. Best of luck in your program.