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  1. Hello everybody
    My name is April. I have just completed my 1st semester of pre-reqs and getting ready to start my next semester this Thursday! I'll be 30yrs old this April and have never attended college before this past semester. I'am married with 3 boys (ages 5,2,1) my husband is also a full time student in law school....as you can imagine our household is always crazy! I have always been a stay at home mom and I'm also a fulltime student, but I have my schedule so that all my classes are out by noon. My first semester I took Psych., A&PI, & English and I got all B's ,which I'm REALLY happy with....A&P was VERY challenging. After getting all my pre-req's completed I "want" to go to Baylor's school of nursing in Dallas, TX. Anyone else here go to Baylor or any other nursing school located in or around Dallas?
    Goodluck to all...especially me! hehe
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    Hi April. I just finished my first semester of pre-req's and start 2nd semester on Monday. I'll be turning 30 in July and realizing how hard it is to go back to school when I've been out for so long. I have a degree in Accounting but after I had my little boy (15 months ago) I realized I needed a career change. So.... I quit my job to become a full time mommy and student. I'm trying to pursue my ADN in nursing and hope to one day work in L &D or pediatrics. I've not been accepted into my school's program yet. I have to take a test in Feb. and should know by late spring/early summer if I get in for fall 2003. It is extremely competitive... about 300 people apply and they only accept 60 a year.

    I wish you the best of luck
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  4. by   MidwifeWannaB
    Welcome April!

    I start my first semester of nursing school Monday, and am very excited. I'm going to school in Midland (not Dallas, but still a fellow Texan) but I would love to go somewhere like Baylor for my BSN after I graduate. Don't think I could afford it, though.

    Good luck and let us know how everything goes!

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    I just wanted to say hi and welcome to the bb. Hope to see you around the bb's
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    april, welcome aboard!
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    Hi April,

    I am also considering Baylor. Where are you doing your pre-reqs? I am at CCCC- Spring Creek. I am 29, married and have a 5 year old daughter and an 18mo. old son! I should be done with my pre req stuff by the end of summer. I have a bachelors in English Lit. from St. Edward's in Austin but I was very light on the bio. and math stuff!
    I am really excited to start back to school tomorrow and it sounds like you are too! Good luck to you and perhaps we can talk more since we have so much in common.

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    Welcome to the boards!
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    Thanks for all the Hello's!
    I'm taking my pre-reqs at Hill college in Hillsboro :-)
    I regiister in the morning and start classes this Thursday!

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    Hi and Welcome!

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    Welcome! I have 4 kids and my hubby is also going to school. I am sure you will do great. Good luck to you and welcome!
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    Welcome agallegirl---

    There are several good programs in the DFW area. I'm at UT Arlington, and I really like it. If I can answer any questions about their program, PM me.

    Good luck to you.
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    welcome to the boards, april!!
    best of luck in this next semester.
    i'm not even close to tx (though wishing i were at this time of year)