Has nuring school gotten harder?

  1. Does anyone know if nursing school has gotten harder over the years? I was reading some topics people have posted, asking about the difficulty level of nursing, and then I came across this one from 2006: Is Nursing School Hard?. Most of the people who posted did not think it was that hard. What do you think?
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  3. by   smmctowelie69
    I thinks its all about perception yeah its tough to study alot and miss out on things but in the end it will be worth it I have made alot of friends met some interesting people and I will miss alot of them when I graduate in all I think its hard fun challenging and rewarding also the state boards change the nclex so the schools have to work around them funding and resources...3 weeks and three months to go
  4. by   _zoubisoubisou_
    I can't say if it's harder than it used to be. I'm getting ready to graduate this Summer and you could not ever pay me enough to go through another day of nursing school. I cannot wait until it is a distant memory.
  5. by   smmctowelie69
    U said it I don't think I'm gonna bridge I can't wait for it to be done 13 weeks to go
  6. by   queserasera
    I mean, I have nothing to compare current nursing school to past nursing school but I really don't think it's hard. We have a lot of stuff to do, but I will never say "it's hard". I study no more than I did for my pre-reqs and get good grades. I am ready for it to be over though.
  7. by   NorCalKid
    I didn’t think it was that “hard”. I thought it was a lot of hard work. What I mean is if you have the brains to get through the pre reqs you have the brains to get through nursing school. But it will be a lot of hard work. Managing the workload and time commitment seems to be harder for most people that the actual understanding the material aspect. Becoming a nurse is just a bunch of hoops to jump through. Pre reqs, TEAS, getting in, passing semesters, graduating, passing NCLEX, getting a job, etc. That’s a huge goal. Forget about all that and just concentrate on getting through the next hoop in the chain, take baby steps and you’ll get there. (graduated in December)
  8. by   HouTx
    OK - here goes. From the viewpoint of a crusty ol bat....

    Over the years, students have gotten more dependent upon technology to succeed in education. Long gone are the days when students had to actually spend a lot of time in the library... now, a quick Google tour will pull out all the salient facts. But, no matter how quickly you can expose yourself to information (via any methodology) the brain can only absorb at a very finite rate. Until we can actually re-create the Matrix brain-port for a direct computer link, there is no way to just 'download' information into a brain without any effort from the recipient. Unfortunately, incoming nursing students are not as good at 'studying' as their earlier (pre-Google) colleagues.

    As an educator, this is the major challenge - how can we modify the instructional process to better suit today's student while still achieving the same outcomes. In the end, nurses must still have an internal body of knowledge... there's no time to Google during a patient crisis. There are some great new models, such as 'flipping the classroom' that appear to be producing results, but this technique requires a pretty high level of instructional expertise; beyond the skill set of many ('I'll teach because I have an MSN and can't find any other job away from the bedside') instructors.

    From a purely academic view, nursing school IS harder for students than med school..... in a traditional medical education model, students take virtually the same course about 3 times as they move through the curriculum. Incoming nursing students are far less academically prepared and the educational pathway is much shorter & less forgiving (2 failures & you're out).

    So, yeah - it's hard. And there's really no way to soften it or make it easier.... at least until we can all get kitted out with that dandy brain port like Neo in the Matrix.
  9. by   Msmedic68w
    Nursing school is aa bit tricky at times. But I for the life of me don't understand those people who spend hours a day slaving over their books an study guides. I'm not saying I don't study, but I do just as well as the people who study like crazy.

    Pediatrics has been my hardest class, but other than that...nursing school is not the gremlin on the hill like many people makes it out to be...Nothing to come home and study for 10 hours at 7 days a week. It's just not THAT hard. -_-
  10. by   SarahStrings
    I think that study skills might be the big difference here. If you have experience succeeding in a challenging curriculum you will be better able to find balance with your materials. I'm starting an ABSN program and I feel so blessed to have 4 years of college under my belt. That has been 4 years of learning experiences and struggling through classes. Even just starting my nursing pre-reqs it was a whole different experience than my first year in college. If you are used to being able to google your answer or skate by it just won't work.