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  1. NPI number, New Grad

    I am a new grad and have not sat for boards yet. However, I started the credentialing process for my future job. They want an NPI. Can I get an NPI without having taken boards yet? I am just worried it will be tied to my RN instead of my future ARNP.
  2. PMHNP salaries - updated

    Hello everyone, I have done a thorough search of the current PMHNP salaries based on geographical area. I found some old threads here on this subject. I was hoping we could get an updated thread going for current salaries and where you are located. W...
  3. HPSP 2016

    I realize this is an old thread, but does anyone have any tips on ways to prepare for the Chief Nursing Interview?
  4. MSN-PMHNP Program Recommendations?

    I know this is an old thread, but for any new readers researching this question, check out frontier nursing university.
  5. Accepted to Frontier Nursing University....WHOOO HOOO

    I am in the PMHNP program at FNU. I don't have specifics on the FNP, but the 11 week terms are the same and yes, there are two week breaks in between terms. It is nice that they offer multiple start dates!
  6. wanting a different recruiter

    In my above post, I mentioned the AF. I am applying as a DNP, or at least I will be if I ever get to commission. It's very frustrating to not get any response time and time again.
  7. wanting a different recruiter

    How can I work towards getting a new recruiter? Mine doesn't return my calls or emails. I would like a new one, but anytime I contact the AF website, they keep referring me to the same one who is 3 hours away.
  8. looking to talk to PMHNP that is AD

    MMak, I would love to talk to you. Thanks for replying to me!
  9. What are my options?

    Nothing yet.
  10. What are my options?

    So I am an BSN RN, currently enrolled in a PMHNP DNP program. I recently sent off the preliminary work to my local air force recruiter to determine my eligibility. Assuming I am eligible, what are my options? Does the AF typically want me to enter as...
  11. Moving to Pensacola

    pay in pensacola is terrible. two years experience got me around $23. As a new grad, I was making more in Tampa. Ratios aren't great anywhere in FL on the floor. Sorry to be a negative comment, but that is the reality in FL. I was working out West, a...
  12. looking to talk to PMHNP that is AD

    I am currently working on my PMHNP. I would really appreciate talking to someone who is currently working as a PMHNP as an AD member. If you are and wouldn't mind, please respond to me here or send me a message. Thanks so much! T
  13. Frontier Nursing University #167

    Yes I received it a few days after acceptance.
  14. Frontier Nursing University #167

    I hope you hear good news soon!
  15. Frontier Nursing University #167

    IF anyone would like to join, there is a FB page dedicated to the #167 PMHNP students...just search Frontier Nursing University PMHNP Class 167 on FB.