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wanting a different recruiter


How can I work towards getting a new recruiter? Mine doesn't return my calls or emails. I would like a new one, but anytime I contact the AF website, they keep referring me to the same one who is 3 hours away.

jfratian, MSN, RN

Specializes in Adult Critical Care. Has 9 years experience.

I have no idea what branch you're talking about. I'm assuming you're applying as an RN? However, there's really no way to get a different recruiter. From my experience, there is typically one nursing recruiter for an entire geographic region for each branch. When I applied years ago, there was one AF nursing recruiter for North and South Carolina. The only way you can get a new one is to look at the other two branches of the military or move.

If you've called an emailed a few times over a couple weeks and have no response, you could call the recruiting office and ask for 'supervision.'

In my above post, I mentioned the AF. I am applying as a DNP, or at least I will be if I ever get to commission. It's very frustrating to not get any response time and time again.

jfratian, MSN, RN

Specializes in Adult Critical Care. Has 9 years experience.

Ah okay, I didn't see the branch mentioned at first. I'm an active duty AF ICU nurse. How far along are you in the application? Are you in the 'gathering initial information' stage or have you started filling out paperwork?

What's you fitness level? Is your BMI under 30 (recruiters may screen you out based on weight)? Google AF PT test and see if you could pass. Will you be under 42 years old a year from now (which I believe is the cutoff for the active duty AF nurse corps for no prior military service)?

Are you a DNP that's applying as an advanced practice nurse (CNM, CRNA, CNS, or NP)? Or are you applying as a bedside nurse? Do you have experience in what you're applying for? Are you board certified in the area that you are applying for?

I ask all these things because you may be being purposefully ignored depending on your credentials and timing. Unfortunately, recruiters are limited in number and are inundated with requests for information. They have to use limited info to screen out those with only a passing interest or who aren't competitive. Each application takes dozens of hours to put together. You need to contact them at the right time (at the beginning of an application cycle), seem persistent (i.e. really want to undertake a very long application process), and be a strong candidate (someone who they think can get accepted).

So, my advice to you is to be persistent and be as upfront about your qualifications as possible. The AF gets to be picky with their applicants, because there are far more applicants than slots, even for CRNA or NPs. You have to come to them. They will not come to you.