Group Projects stink!

  1. Sorry, have to vent a bit. We have known about a group project in A&P for a few months now. We had it all set, 4 of us girls. We were to go over it tonight and present it next week. Well we just found out that one girl dropped the class, so we have one week to research and organize her portion. She hadn't started any of it, so there was nothing typed up she could give us to go from. It just stinks!

    The whole grading as a group when not everone pulls their own weight is so frustrating too.
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  3. by   twarlik
    I feel your pain. I'm finishing my second semester of nursing school and we have about two group projects every semester. They do suck, but I've managed to find a group that I work really well with. Hang in there!
  4. by   Sheri257
    Yes, group projects do suck. I totally agree.

  5. by   orrnlori
    I personally think that group projects are a form of laziness on the part of the instructors. Always have. There is always someone who won't do their share and you are stuck with either taking a lower grade or carrying their behinds for them. I hate this and think it should cease along about 7th grade. A lot of distance BSN classes are cohort classes. I'll be darned if I'm going to pay 800.00-1200.000 for a class and then have to haul someone else's rear end up to the A I worked for.
  6. by   Repat
    I agree! One of my professors in my MSN class mentioned the fact that she was considering changing a part of the requirements for her class to a group project. I e-mailed her a rather strongly worded note about why that would be a bad idea. I do not understand the theory behind group projects. There is ALWAYS someone who doesn't do his/her share, and the rest suffer. If you aren't a team player, a group project certainly won't teach you to be one. BAD IDEA!!!
  7. by   BabyRN2Be
    I had a few group projects when I got my B.S. in speech pathology. They weren't too bad for the most part, especially since I started to work with a friend of mine who is a lot like me, thinks like me, etc. Somehow we got this girl who we never saw in class, but from what we hear, she never missed a party!

    We got really frustrated and took our concerns to our teacher, who was very awesome. We told her that she had called us once, but never got together with us to work on the project. This teacher had also noticed that she wasn't attending other classes. She told us to do our best and she's take into consideration our situation when grading. The night before the presentation, who should call but our MIA group member? She asked us what she had to present for the group project. That really made me mad. :angryfire

    Little did she know that the teacher was aware of her non-attendance and partying. She did not pass the class, but my friend and I got an "A".

    I agree, that group projects should be done away with...
  8. by   AnnaN5
    Luckily I have had group projects on vary rare occasions while getting my BS degree. Thats good for me because I have despised group projects ever since high school thanks to the fact that in my freshman biology class we had to memorize all the bones, organs, muscles, etc. for a test but little did I know that this was going to be a 'group' test and since I had the highest grade in the class I got teamed with 2 with the lowest grades and I don't think they even attempted to study. So thanks to me they probably passed that class...... :uhoh21: Needless to say from that point on I have HATED working in groups because you always have that lovely person who thinks they don't have to make any contributions.
  9. by   kats
    We have to work as a group for each take home portion part of our statistics exams. Last test, I actually changed a couple of answers before turning it in which ended up being a good thing because we got 100%. We only turn in one paper so I always go over it after we go over it as a group. I would definitely feel better if I could just take the tests by myself. I have a 97% in the class and the two other people in my group are somewhere in the mid 70's. I help them before each test, but can only do so much.
  10. by   jemommyRN
    I abhor group projects. I have absolutely no idea why teachers would still make us participate. I don't know of any college student who actually likes to work in groups. My grades are at stake in college and I need to take full responsibility for my OWN grades. You guys are right, there is ALWAYS somebody in the group who wants to "slide" by. I really hope there are NO group projects once I start nursing school this fall.
  11. by   VivaLasViejas
    I LOATHED group projects when I was in nursing school.......but I understood even then why we were made to do them: it teaches one what it's like in the real world, where everyone is part of a team of some sort. It sucks, but that's life.
  12. by   missmercy
    Yes, group projects can be a real pain in the rear! I have never thought it was very reasonable to grade a group down because of the laziness of the slacker. We actually defended our group members that had carried their weight and exposed the fact that the one person had let us carry her for the whole project (was a habitual slacker) The prof was not going to allow us to even present our case to her and stated that part of the group dynamic was to prepare us for work in the "real world" to help us learn to encourage others to "reach for their potential" and encourage development of communication skills and leadership skills. we were allowed to present our arguments after we told her that as leaders we were going to be responsible for identifying the "dead wood" in an organization and getting rid of it. We also wrote to our Dean of nursing and presented our case to her -- citing that we didnot believe that our carrying this student would teach her any good work ethics and that she would be a poor representation of our school of nursing if she was not taught to behave in a responsible manner. We all got our grade raised 510 points and she did not. She also got to meet with the instructor and the dean and have some "meaningful, motivational, discussions" relating to her career in nursing.
  13. by   orrnlori
    Who said group presentatons prepare you for real life? I've never heard that before. Whether a lazy student or a lazy nurse, no one is going to inspire them to do better because they are in a group.
  14. by   Repat
    Actually, I can't think of one group project I have ever done that would prepare me for the "real world". Can anyone else? I am really curious, because I am about to begin a new career teaching, and I cannot think of one instance that I would find a group project educational for my students.