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:balloons:CONGRATS SENIORS!!!!:balloons: What are your plans for the first job? And what would you like to advance to eventually?? I plan to start off on a telemetry floor..get the basics... Read More

  1. by   paacollins
    Geez I have no idea. I have wanted to be a L and D nurse for more years than I can remember but since I have been in nursing school I have gotten more and more undecided. I've found so many interesting areas. I finished my OB clinicals earlier this semester and really enjoyed them. Now I am doing Peds. I swore I would never work in Peds but now I am seriously leaning in that direction. We have to complete a 3 week preceptorship at the end of our spring semester (the last one). I think I will do that in Peds and see how I like it. I already know I like L and D and postpartum. I will most likely end up in either OB or Peds.

    I've also considered the OR training program because I thoroughly enjoyed my OR assignment and telemetry is very interesting as well. Told you I get more confused every day lol

    When I graduated with a BS in computer information systems, it was "oh dear gosh where are all the jobs?" Now I have so many options I can't decide. It's a thoroughly nice change though.
  2. by   iHeartNICU
    I graduate in 24 days!!! Congrats to everyone out there. I'll be working in a level III NICU starting mid January! SO EXCITED! Best of luck to everyone!!!
  3. by   laurainri
    starting as a grad nurse in the ER !!! I have working there since may as a student intern and I love every minute of it. So much still to learn. I cant wait. Finally getting health insurance again !!!
  4. by   Achoo!
    I'm starting on med/surg, and hope to move on to ICU when something opens up
  5. by   MMARN
    I graduate in a few weeks and I have been offered a job in L&D. So, I'm going to start in labor and delivery and do some med-surg in GYN prn, so that I way I can get some more experience. Now, it's all about passing the boards. I can't wait for pinning!!! *claps*
  6. by   CT Pixie
    I guess since summer really officially doesn't start until June 21st, I am going to be a Spring 08 grad ..grad date is June 6th.

    I'll be an LPN so my jobs are somewhat limited. But I have a very good chance of getting into one of the few hospitals in Connecticut that still hires LPN's. Plan on working there part time while I persue my LPN to RN degree.

    Ultimate goal is NICU. Possibly PICU. Hospice is another field I like. Womb to tomb I guess :spin: