Geriatrics, retirement, home care.
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SuzieeQ has 3 years experience and specializes in Geriatrics, retirement, home care..

RPN with 3 years of experience, working in retirement and home care.

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  1. Ethical/Personal Dilemma - What would you do?

    You need to report to her employer. period. They may ask why you waited 3-4 weeks to report the incident.
  2. I worked 30-40hrs/week at a coffee shop throughout college because I had rent/bills to pay. I graduated with a $13,000 student loan debt (OSAP) 3 years ago... Working on paying it off!If I could go back, I would have taken a year or two off after hig...
  3. 9th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    I heard that her patient kept ringing the call bell for a pillow adjustment on her shift.
  4. To disclose or not to disclose?

    As other posters said, if you don't disclose and then they find out - you're in trouble.
  5. Wet Hair Don't Care?

    Your clinical professor will let you know about dress code and uniform policy prior to being placed at the facility/hospital. At my clinical placements, we had to have hair completely pulled back (no bangs hanging!) or we would be considered to be ou...
  6. I would really like to get my oncology nursing certificate, however, that would involve taking a 3 month field placement at the end of the program. My question to you is, how do I do this with a full-time job? For those who have done it - did you tak...
  7. I Don't Know How To Study :(

    Try studying at the library or cafe. I used to go to coffee shops and spend hours studying there. Find what works for you. Also, try to listen for hints at test questions... Most teachers will repeat and repeat certain points to hint that they are on...
  8. Bedside... Really?

    Dead on.
  9. Hourly rate for RN's, LPN's, CNA's in Your State

    Ontario, Canada $19/hr RPN in assisted living (retirement facility)$26/hr RPN as manager (DOC) in assisted living$25/hr RPN in home care
  10. Run! That pay is unacceptable and you need to keep looking.. Best of luck to you :)
  11. Patients that made you go "How are you even alive?!"

    eek!! We had a lady with a pulse of 46 irreg, asked family if it was normal, they said their pulse was normally 43-44 also.I once came on shift anf found a diabetic pt on the floor with BS 0.3. Sent her to hosp and they were able to stabilize her.Als...
  12. Nursing Kits???

    I never purchased a kit - only a stethoscope and pen light. Get a light-weight stethoscope! You should not need to buy your own sphyg though... There are usually plenty at school/clinical placements.
  13. Dreading going into work already - please help

    Keep your chin up! How many hours per week are you working? 8 or 12 hour shifts?Have you considered requesting vacation time (even just one week) to relax and re-energize? I would not worry about not knowing every thing - no one knows every thing! I...
  14. HIV/Hep C Exposure policy in HH?

    I am wondering about your agency/company policies on HIV/Hep C exposure. Do you have consent forms for each client to sign, that gives the company consent to contact their physician in case of exposing a Nurse to HIV/Hep C? Can some one explain the p...
  15. Self injury scars on arms and patient questions.

    I would simply tell them that "it is personal" or maybe "it's a very long story"... Hopefully they take the hint and do not probe any more.